A sustainable economy depends on thriving nature – OP Financial Group and the WWF will begin cooperation to promote biodiversity

OP Financial Group’s extensive, three-year cooperation with the WWF will be part of its corporate responsibility work to promote biodiversity. 

The sustainable economy is dependent on thriving nature. OP Financial Group and WWF are entering a three-year partnership, acting together to promote the diversity of Finnish nature. Goals include conserving local nature by inspiring people to take nature-positive action. 

Most of OP Financial Group’s impacts on nature arise through the business activities of its corporate customers. As Finland’s largest financial services provider, in addition to focusing on our own and customers’ activities, we want to highlight cooperation with the third sector in promoting biodiversity. The sustainable economy is strongly dependent on thriving nature. Our partnership with the WWF is part of our biodiversity roadmap’s implementation, following its publication in late 2023, says Timo Ritakallio, President and Group CEO of OP Financial Group.

Cooperation in repelling invasive species and improving the living conditions of pollinators

Pollinators are important to the functioning of ecosystems and food production, for example. Around 75 per cent of the world’s cereals depend on pollinators to ensure a good harvest. However, pollinator numbers have declined worldwide, which is a serious threat to nature and people. In Finland, many species native to meadows and pastures have been hit particularly hard. The WWF states that pollinators need all the help that people can give them.

– Through our cooperation with OP, we want to provide a range of ways for everyone to promote biodiversity in their local environment. Action is sorely need, given the alarming pace of biodiversity reduction in Finland, says Liisa Rohweder, Secretary General, WWF Finland.

In the "Good deeds across time" survey of 2023, 14% of OP's owner-customers chose deeds benefiting local nature and 14% chose local activities to mitigate climate change as important local sustainability actions. The partnership between OP Financial Group and WWF will support long-term work aimed a halting biodiversity loss by 2030. Concrete cooperative steps include action taken to repel invasive species and various means of improving pollinators’ living conditions. More details will be provided on partnership and activities during the spring. 

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