OP customer relationship

Accepted personal ID documents – How do I verify my identity at a branch?

You can find a list of the acceptable personal ID documents on the op.fi service.

Read more about acceptable personal ID documents

Activating an OP user ID – How do I activate my new OP user ID?

The OP user ID comprises a username, a password, a key code list and a phone number that serves as your further confirmation number.

  • You will receive an SMS about the approval of your customer application within two weekdays from sending the application. The SMS also includes instructions on how to activate your new username online.
  • You will receive a one-time password with the username. At your first login, you will be requested to change the password.
  • Your new user ID will be valid immediately. You can log into OP eServices as soon as you have received a key code list by post.

Application processing – I have filled in and sent an application. What happens next?

Processing your application begins after you send a complete application. You will receive a text message of the approval of your application within two days from sending your application. The text message also tells you how to activate your OP user ID. You will be able to use your activated user ID after you receive a key code list.

You will receive the key code list by post within one week from sending your application. All other customer relationship documents are saved in My archive at op.fi.

Becoming an OP customer – What information am I asked to provide when I become OP's customer?

You can become an OP customer by filling in an application online. In the application, we will ask you to provide your contact information and a mobile phone number to which we can send text messages concerning your customer relationship. Banks also have a statutory obligation to know their customers and verify their identity. We need to comply with the Act on Preventing and Clearing Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing in order to support secure customer transactions and, therefore, we also ask questions related to funds in the account and tax liability.

 To be able to fill in the application, you need to authenticate yourself  by using the other bank’s online banking identifiers.

Becoming OP's customer online – Who can apply online to become OP’s customer? When is it not possible to apply online? How do I withdraw my application?

You can become our customer without visiting a bank branch if you are a Finnish citizen of at least 18 years of age, have a permanent address in Finland and do not have an effective payment default entry in your name. To apply online you will need a phone that has the capability to receive SMSes and another bank’s online banking identifiers.

If you already have an OP user ID for taking care of another person’s banking or managing an association’s account, you do not need to reapply to become a customer.

You cannot apply for customer relationship online if

  • you have a payment default entry
  • you are underage
  • you are not a Finnish citizen
  • you do not have a permanent address in Finland.

In that case you can apply for customer relationship by booking an appointment with an OP cooperative bank branch. Also book an appointment with an OP cooperative bank in case you are a politically exposed person.

If you wish to withdraw the online application before you have been granted an OP user ID, please contact our customer service.

Benefits – How can I become owner-customer and enjoy benefits?

All our customers can become owner-customers, too. Join us online, by calling OP telephone service at 0100 0500 or by visiting your nearest OP cooperative bank branch. When joining us, you will pay an ordinary cooperative contribution, generally amounting to 100 euros. It is a one-time contribution – you won't have to pay anything else.

If you become our owner-customer, you will own part of the cooperative OP and get valuable benefits as well as discounts from banking services, insurance premiums, and saving and investment services. As owner-customer, you will also earn value-for-money OP bonuses from your transactions – up to hundreds of euros a year.

Costs related to customer relationship – What does an OP customer pay?

By becoming OP’s customer online, you will get a bank account and an OP user ID. The current account will be free of charge for owner-customers. For other customers, a monthly charge of 2 euros will be applied. The charge for OP user ID is at the most 3 euros a month.

Once you have become our customer, you will be able to select more services for you. For example, you can become an owner-customer (read more under How can I become owner-customer and enjoy benefits?). The charges of other services are stated in your own OP cooperative bank’s list of service charges and fees.

Moving my transactions – How can I transfer my income and expenses to the new bank?

If you sign power of attorney for switching a customer relationship, upon request we will move recurring debits on your behalf, free of charge. We will move your transactions to OP according to your plan and, if needed, ensure that transactions through your current bank are stopped.

We will transfer upcoming regular payments – such as recurring payment orders or direct payment agreements – from the account you are currently using to your new account, according to our agreement.

If you have outstanding e-invoices, we recommend that you re-activate them yourself.

Remember to inform any service providers, whose recurring debits you want to move from the old account, of the new account’s payment card number. To receive income (such as a salary or pension) in an OP account, you must provide your new account number to all parties who will make future payments into the new account.

New account number – Who to inform?

When you switch banks, your account number will change. Inform all those who make periodic payments to you, such as the organisations paying your wages or pension, of your new account number. Please note that, in many cases, you can provide your new account number online, by visiting the websites of pension payers, the Finnish Tax Administration or KELA, for example.

Online transactions – Can I use OP user ID in third party services?

In addition to OP’s services, you can use OP cooperative bank’s user ID to identify yourself in third party services, such as those provided by Kela and the Tax Administration. OP service user identifiers only give you access to all online and mobile services provided by OP.

OP bonuses – What are OP bonuses and how can I earn them?

If you are an owner-customer, you will earn OP bonuses based on your transactions. OP bonuses are then automatically used to pay for the services that you use. On OP eServices, you can see the amount of OP bonuses you have earned, for what they have been used and their amount available.

Owner-customers earn OP bonuses through all transactions that entitle to bonuses, such as loan, savings, investments and insurance premiums. The amount of OP bonuses earned is calculated based on the owner-customer's monthly transactions.

OP bonuses in the bonus account are automatically used for services determined by OP, such as banking services, insurance premiums, OP-Kiinteistökeskus real estate agent commissions and fees for legal services. Bonuses will automatically be either partly or fully used to offset charges and fees, depending on the amount of available bonuses.

Ordering services and products – How can I order a card for my brand new account?

By becoming OP’s customer online, you will get a bank account and an OP user ID. The easiest way to link a payment card to your new account is doing it online. Your first payment card will be delivered to your own OP cooperative bank.

Learn more about our payment cards  and fill in an application conveniently online.

Switching banks – How can I change payment accounts?

When switching banks, you can choose to change your payment account to the new bank, free of charge. You can use power of attorney for switching a customer relationship to authorise the new bank to move your payment account. This will free you of having to handle the practicalities of the switch. If there are several account holders, everyone must give their consent to the payment account switch.

Your new bank will

  • transmit the power of attorney you signed to your old bank, within two days
  • activate all payment orders previously arranged with your old bank within five weekdays of receiving the related details from your old bank
  • if you wish, notify all payers of salaries and financial benefits of your new account number.

Give your new bank the date from which your recurring payment orders will be debited from your new payment account. Please note that the earliest possible date is 13 days from the date on which the new bank receives all the details it needs.

You old bank will

  • provide your new bank and, upon request, you with a list of the recurring transactions on your account over the last 13 months, within five business days of receiving the power of attorney.
  • cancel the services in question, in accordance with the schedule given in the power of attorney.
  • transfer the funds on the old account to the new bank’s account and close the payment account held with the old bank.

Please note that the service cancellation date can be thirteen days from creation of the power of attorney, at the earliest.

Switching banks – I am about to switch banks. What information do I need for the meeting?

When you want to switch banks, go online and book an appointment for a meeting or online meeting. The meeting will last for around one hour. We will discuss the services which would suit you and the process of moving your customer relationship from your current bank to OP.

If you are an entirely new customer for us, you can use our online service to become an OP customer in advance. Otherwise, the customer relationship will be created during the meeting.

Become our customer online

For smooth switching, we recommend that you bring the following information on your current banking services to the first meeting.

  • Loan numbers and amounts
  • Account numbers
  • Credit card numbers
  • Information on investment products
  • Insurance policies

If you're interested in a home loan, please also fill in an online home loan application in advance.