Banking services for 7–14 year old children and youngsters

We provide daily banking services for children and young people – an account and card – free of charge.

Banking begins with a personal bank account

Items such as pocket money, or money given as a gift, can be paid into an account and saved.

Children and young people can practice money management safely with a debit card

A card can be used with the account, enabling the child to pay for their own expenses such as snacks, cinema refreshments and bus tickets.

Children can follow account transactions and pay online

A child or young person can use the OP Junior mobile app to monitor their account transactions and balance. A personal OP Service User ID can be activated for the child, enabling card payments online or with apps.

Using an account and card is a great way to practice money management and saving

Banking begins with a bank account. This makes money management easier – the child’s gift and pocket money can be paid in and saved. The child can also be issued with a card for the account.

OP-Visa Basic, which is suitable for children and young people, can be used to pay for purchases in Finland, abroad and online. This card is a handy way of paying for snacks, cinema refreshments and hobbies. The balance is checked during each card payment, which is debited directly from the account. The card does not work in locations without Internet access, such as aircraft. Guardians can set suitable spending and withdrawal limits for the child’s card and account.

Children and young people can use the handy OP Junior mobile app to keep track of their spending. OP Junior is activated with the guardian’s user ID.

If the card is used for online shopping or linked to payment applications or services, transactions must be confirmed with an OP Service User ID. 7–14-year-olds can be provided with an OP Service User ID by making an Online Banking Agreement for them. With an OP Service User ID, youngsters can make online or internet card payments, check their accounts and pay via the OP Accessible service. However, it cannot be used to log into other services, such as the service, OP-mobile, Kela or My Kanta Pages.

If both guardians feel that the time is right, a 12–14-year-old can have a user ID that also makes logging into services requiring strong identification possible, such as My Kanta Pages and Kela. 

If the cardholder is at least 13 years old, the card can also be linked to Apple Pay (contact OP’s customer service).

How to activate services (account, card and User ID) for 7–14 year olds

Follow the same instructions if the youngster already has an account, to which you want to add a card and auser ID.

  1. Make sure that the young person has a valid personal ID document (passport or ID card).
  2. Book an appointment. At least one guardian must accompany the child or young person during the appointment. 
  3. The young person and the guardian or guardians who attend must bring valid ID documents or passports. A driving licence is also sufficient for the guardians. Read more about accepted personal ID documents
  4. If one of the guardians cannot be present, please ask them to grant power of attorney to the guardian who can attend. 
  5. At the appointment, we will update customer details, if necessary, and activate the required services. 
  6. We will issue the child or young person with an OP user ID and key code right away. The debit card and its PIN will arrive at home within 1–2 weeks.

Book an appointment

As the subject for the meeting, select Services for personal customers - Services for young people. Mention which services you want to activate for the youngster.


How do I create power of attorney?

  • If there is another guardian, ask them to grant power of attorney for managing the minor’s banking arrangements. It is best to have power of attorney granted for all banking arrangements to be made on behalf of the minor, such as provision of an account, card and a user ID.
  • A guardian can grant power of attorney for activation of the service if they are an OP customer.
  • If the guardian granting power of attorney does not have an OP user ID, please contact OP’s customer service. Power of attorney can be signed using another bank’s user ID.

Grant power of attorney via the

Tip: Both guardians should grant each other power of attorney for their child’s banking matters. This will enable them to change settings, such as the spending and withdrawal limits on the child’s card, via customer service.


How to activate individual services for 7–14 year olds

  • If you have an OP user ID, you can open an account for the child on the service. If the child has another guardian, that guardian can use their OP user ID to approve the opening of the account. If the other guardian does not have an OP user ID, they can use that of another Finnish bank. Read more about opening an account for a child
  • Debit card: you can apply for a card for a young person through our customer service. Completion of a card order requires a visit to a bank branch. How to apply for a debit card for your child
  • An OP user ID can be obtained for a child or youngster by visiting an OP cooperative bank with the guardians. If one of the guardians cannot be present, please ask them to grant power of attorney to the guardian who can attend.  Read more about activating an OP Service User ID for a young person

Let’s join forces to help children and young people manage their finances throughout life. It is very important to the youngster’s future that they keep their finances and credit history in order. Your child or youngster can use the OP Junior or OP Accessible service to practice responsible spending and monitor their own account transactions.

OP Junior is activated with the guardian’s OP Service User ID. A child or young person can log in with their personal OP Service User ID, if they have one, to activate OP Accessible.

  • If guardians have access rights to their child's account, they can use their user ID on OP-mobile and the service to view the child’s account. They can also easily transfer money there and follow account transactions.
  • A guardian can change the spending and withdrawal limits of their child’s card by logging into chat, by message on, or via customer service, if the other guardian has granted them power of attorney. Alternatively, both guardians can send a message, with identical content, on
  • If necessary, the guardians can jointly set transaction limits on their child’s account to restrict its use. Guardians can request changes to transaction limits by sending identical messages on, by power of attorney (granted by the other guardian), or by visiting their bank branch.
  • With their user ID, the young person can see all accounts in their name although no authorisation to use them existed. Any mutual funds and equity investments are not visible to the young person themself.