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Safe driving course on a driving practice track for the corporate customers of Pohjola Insurance

Pohjola Insurance and Riihimäki Traffic Safety Centre are jointly offering safe driving courses designed for Pohjola Insurance corporate customers. The courses teach drivers to recognise traffic risks arising from their actions and external conditions, and also improve work motivation. Whether your company has company cars or production vehicles, sign up, ensure safe mobility and save expenses.

We offer safe driving courses designed for the corporate customers of Pohjola Insurance. Further training for drivers helps mitigate traffic risks and improve work motivation. 

Companies achieve savings from reduced collision and fuel expenses, for example.

Difficult weather conditions multiply traffic risks

Riihimäki Traffic Safety Centre provides an excellent setting and long experience in improving driving skills and safety in a practical manner and in an authentic environment.

Real vehicles and interesting visual aids offer drivers a real feel of risk situations and experience-based understanding that help theory move into practice. 

We offer a safe practice environment where drivers can get as close to a real risk experience as is possible with current methods, using the vehicles of Riihimäki Traffic Safety Centre.

Bring your drivers to the safe driving courses and enjoy the benefits!

Contact Riihimäki Traffic Safety Centre and reserve a course spot at 

Sign up drivers for the safe driving courses and enjoy the benefits from reduced traffic risks and improved work motivation, reduced collision expenses, not to mention fuel expenses.

Safe driving comes with experience – training for personal customers

Through its cooperation partners, Pohjola Insurance also offers personal customers the opportunity to further improve their driving skills. Whether a car, motorcycle or moped driver, strengthen your driving skills and avoid preventable accidents. 

Safe driving comes with experience.