How to apply for financing for housing company

You can easily send a financing application online. The application does not bind you to take out the financing.

We offer affordable, safe and flexible financing for home improvements and basic renovations. Our specialists help you find a financing solution that meets your housing company’s needs.

Steps of the financing application process


  • Fill in a financing application easily on the service.
    You can use the user identifiers granted by OP or another bank to identify yourself in the service.
  • Our specialists will contact you within a few banking days of the receipt of your application.
    When processing the application, we will assess your housing company’s creditworthiness and map out a solution meeting its needs.
  • We will make a financing offer to your housing company.
    We will always calculate the best financing offer on a case-by-case basis.

Attach the following information and documents to your application


  • description of the project or a separate project plan
  • the most recent adopted financial statements and the shareholder register
  • house manager’s certificate and five-year plan (housing company’s future repair needs and housing company’s completed renovations).