Is insurance your company’s core business? If not, read how cooperation between OP and Ilmarinen will make your life easier

Our common aim is to help customer companies perform better, says Juho Laine, Sales Director at Pohjola Insurance and Toni Savela, Customer Relationship Manager at Ilmarinen.

– OP and Ilmarinen collaborate with each other daily, and all customer relationships are managed as a whole. This allows us to offer customers the largest service range on the market all under the same roof, says Juho Laine, Sales Director at Pohjola Insurance about the benefits of the cooperation for customers.

Financial services group OP and pension insurance company Ilmarinen have been engaged in close cooperation for years. Their mutual aim is to help customer companies perform better.

This can be done by actively contributing to the personnel’s competence, job satisfaction and well-being at work as well as preventing sick absences, accidents, fatigue and disability.

In their hectic everyday business, only few companies have the time to take care of everything on their own.

– Few companies have employee pension insurance, acquiring financing and non-life insurance as their core business. Through cooperation, we can ensure that customers can take care of their matters smoothly and easily with reliable experts, says Toni Savela, Customer Relationship Manager at Ilmarinen.

Co-operation allows quick reaction in cases, for example, where the company’s situation changes.

– When the customer acquires all services from under the same roof, they receive an appointed customer relationship team. This makes communication fast and the customer can rest assured that matters will be taken care of, Mr Savela says.

Satisfied personnel shows in the company’s performance

Employees are becoming more and more concerned about their capacity for work and many of them feel that they cannot cope at work until the retirement age. OP and Ilmarinen together want to improve employees’ well-being and their ability to cope.

Improving the personnel’s capacity for work and preparing for the risk of loss or damage ensure business continuity.

– After the assessment and identification of risks and finding solutions, customers decide what they will prepare for and in what scope. All this is based on confidence that stems from knowing the company and its business as well as helping it in its daily business, Mr Laine notes.

Personnel well-being also improves productivity.

– In solution sales, we must be able to demonstrate all benefits in terms of money, such as turnover growth, improved financial result or reduced business risk, Mr Laine points out.

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Self-employed persons’ statutory pension insurance YEL
YEL provides coverage for self-employed persons’ pension and social security.
Yrittäjän tapaturmavakuutus kuva
Self-employed persons’ accident insurance
Comprehensive cover for medical treatment expenses and income protection in the event of an injury.
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TyEL or statutory employment pension insurance for employees
. TyEL insurance is a form of mandatory insurance for entrepreneurs.
The insurer is Pohjola Insurance. The losses will be covered in accordance with the law and the insurance terms and conditions. TyEL and YEL insurance is issued by Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company.