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Preparing for financial statements – order accounting records easily from OP

Order the records needed for preparing a company’s financial statements! Just make a single order covering the entire OP Financial Group. 

Remember to order the account records on time, because the year-end peak period can cause delays in mailing the accounting records for annual financial statements.

The steps of ordering

  • Order accounting records online or at a branch
    You can order accounting records for a company’s financial statements if you have the right to do so or have been authorised. Remember to attach the authorisation to your order for records.
  • A single order is enough
    You can order accounting records stored by all OP Financial Group companies with just one order.
  • We deliver your company’s records from all OP Financial Group companies
    If you order records stored by several OP Financial Group companies, we will send the records separately.

How to order accounting records

  • Order online
    Order records at the op.fi service by using the digital accounting records order form or by attaching a completed pdf form to an online message.
  • Visit a branch
    Make an order and, if needed, deliver authorisation to your own OP Financial Group contact person or another employee. You can use our pdf form.
  • Print out or order by yourself
    You can print some accounting records yourself at the op.fi service: the balance and interest certificate for the account, the list of pledges, the loan balance confirmation and the list of closed accounts.


Who can make orders and sign authorisations?

The records delivered by the bank for financial statements contain information subject to bank secrecy. Only persons with the right to do so or their authorised representatives may request the information.

  • Authorised persons entered in the Trade Register. If authorisation has been given to two or more persons jointly, the persons in question only have the right to receive information about the company’s banking jointly.
  • Persons authorised by Board decision (the minutes verifying the authorisation must be presented)
  • Persons authorised by decision of the annual general meeting (the minutes verifying the authorisation must be presented)
  • Holder of authorisation based on position, see table in the end of this page

What should the order for accounting records include?

A company may have products and services and through them liabilities in one or several OP cooperative banks, OP Corporate Bank, OP’s Baltic branches, OP Asset Management and OP Life Assurance Company.

Investment reports are created automatically and will be delivered to your on the online service or by post at the turn of January and February, depending on what has been agreed.

In January, OP Life Assurance Company will send to its corporate customers a summary of pension insurance premiums paid, as well as account statements of savings and unit-linked insurance policies and capital redemption and investment contracts concluded by the customer company. These summaries and account statements will be sent to the postal address provided by the policyholder to OP Life Assurance Company.
Please specify in your order for records:

  • on which company are you requesting the information (business ID and name)
  • which OP Financial Group companies’ products and services does the request for information concern
  • on which date of status the information is requested
  • where and how are the records to be delivered
  • who will be billed for the records and how.

If the order is made by virtue of authorisation, the power of attorney must always be attached to the order!

Order delivery times and pricing


  • We compile accounting records within 15 business days from the date of order as per the requested date of status.
  • Note that some records can only be compiled after certain dates. Furthermore, the year-end peak period can cause delays in mailing the accounting records for annual financial statements.
  • The charge for records from OP Corporate Bank is 35 euros per product area per business ID.
  • The charge for records from OP cooperative banks is based on each bank’s list of service charges and fees.
  • Records from OP Life Assurance Company and OP Asset Management will not be charged separately.
  • Pricing for records from the Baltic branches can be found at the op.fi service.
Limited liability company Housing company Cooperative Foundation

managing director

member of the Board

property manager

member of the Board

managing director

member of the Board

member of the Board

General partnership Limited partnership Association Private trader


active partner

member of the Board

business proprietor