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Ordering accounting records

For drawing up its financial statements, your company needs account balance certificates, loan balance confirmations, and data on guarantees and mortgages. You will also need details on securities, investments and lease liabilities held by your company.

With the OP Accounting Records Service, you can order and download records for financial statements from across OP Financial Group. You can also order records for several companies at once with a single login. Company representatives can order records, or mandate another organisation such as an accounting firm to act on their behalf. Granting a mandate is easy with the Suomi.fi Web Service.

From the op.fi service you can download account balance and interest certificates, credit balance confirmations, lists of pledges, and details of closed accounts free of charge.

Order and download accounting records


Steps for ordering accounting records with the OP Accounting Records Service


  • You can order records if your position entitles you to do so or you have been mandated via the Suomi.fi Web Service.
  • Order records from the OP Accounting Records Service. You can make the order well in advance before the end of the financial year. You can identify yourself with any bank’s user identifiers.
  • Get the completed records from the OP Accounting Records Service. You will receive a notification by email. You can download the accounting records from the service within 15 business days from the transaction date you have indicated in the order.


Who can place orders? Important information on mandates


  • Private trader: entrepreneur
  • Limited liability company and cooperative: managing director or board members
  • Housing company: board members or property manager
  • General partnership: partner
  • General partner in a limited partnership
  • Association: board members
  • A representative of an accounting firm or other company can order records if the company has mandated them via the Suomi.fi Web Service.
  • Foundations, public sector entities and parishes: a representative can order records if they have been granted a mandate to do so after applying to the Suomi.fi Web Service.

Further details and instructions on granting mandates via the Suomi.fi Web Service >

Please note that the OP Accounting Records Service can only be used for Finnish companies. To get accounting records for a non-Finnish company, order them directly from your OP contact person.


You can download the following records yourself from the op.fi service

If your company is using our digital services, you can download free of charge from the op.fi service:

  • account balance and interest certificates
  • credit balance confirmations
  • lists of pledges
  • details of closed accounts

For further details and instructions go to >


Records that are delivered automatically


  • Investment reports are created automatically and delivered via our online service or by post in late January or early February, using the agreed delivery method.
  • In January, by post, OP Life Assurance Company sends its corporate customers a summary of pension insurance premiums paid. It also sends account statements of endowment and unit-linked insurance policies and of capital redemption and investment contracts concluded by the customer company.

How to order accounting records

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  • A fee, based on our list of service charges and fees, is charged for records from OP cooperative banks. Log into the op.fi service to see our list of charges and fees.
  • In most cases, the charge for records from OP Corporate Bank is 35 euros per product or product area per business ID.
  • Records from OP Life Assurance Company and OP Asset Management are not subject to a separate charge.
  • Delivery of records from OP’s Baltic units is subject to a list of service charges and fees agreed for the Baltic countries.
The service is provided by OP Financial Group. By granting a mandate, you give the assignee the right to place orders for accounting records related to services that the assignor company has used within OP Financial Group. Orders are subject to a charge. Service charges will be debited from the customer company.