E-commerce finance

A flexible payment method for customers of your online store

A flexible payment method for customers of your online store

  • Offer your online store’s customers the option of paying by bill or instalment.
  • Start using our financing solution through a payment service provider, or by direct agreement with OP and connection to the solution as an e-commerce payment method.
  • We provide modern APIs and easy integration for financing.
  • Easy commerce and refund processes.
  • Around 40% of people in Finland are OP’s customers. OP’s brand is also highly trusted among other banks’ customers: OP’s payment methods provide a broad customer base.

Encourage purchases by offering payment by bill or instalments

  • Suitable for online purchases of up to €5,000.
  • OP Lasku (Buy with a bill) serves all banks’ customers – a large target audience.
  • OP Lasku has an interest-free payment term of 45 days. This is considerably longer than the typical 14-day payment term.
  • The instalment option adds flexibility to purchases.
  • Reasonable terms for your customer: the service does not include hidden costs or surprises.
  • Risk-free – you get the money when the purchase is made, we take care of the bills and instalments from then on.
  • Low-cost way to offer payment by bill and instalment.

Starting to use OP Lasku as your e-commerce payment method is easy

To use OP Lasku, contact your payment service provider. If OP Lasku is unavailable from your payment service provider, or your company uses its own e-commerce payment method, contact us.

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