Ihminen avaa auton ovea autokaupassa

Financing for vehicle sales

Multiple ways to finance vehicle sales

  • We can offer your company a range of financing solutions for the sale of passenger cars, vans and recreational vehicles.
  • Use our solutions to increase your sales and become more competitive.
  • Handle applications for financing and contractual matters the easy way, with modern online services.
  • We will help you to sell finance products and provide you with access to all the services and expertise you need.

Finance makes customers’ purchasing decisions easier

  • Finance speeds up customers’ purchasing decisions.
  • With our solutions, your customers can divide large, one-off purchases into smaller monthly repayments.
  • In the case of hire purchase and leasing, the sold item serves as collateral — no other collateral is needed.
  • Our financing products include hire purchase, lease and a loyal-customer overdraft facility for the financing of items such as tyres, spare parts and maintenance.