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Financing of household and recreational purchases

One-off credit for customers making household and recreational purchases

  • Your company can offer customers one-off credit for home improvements, which also covers installation costs. 
  • We can also provide your customers with financing solutions for healthcare.
  • With small appliance financing, you can finance your customers’ small purchases, such as lawnmowers, all-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles.
  • In support of sales based on one-off credit, we provide a digital self-service application channel. Customers can use this, via your website, to ensure financing before deciding on a purchase.
  • The financing is unsecured (no collateral).
  • Your customer can apply for a tax deduction on interest, and tax credit on household expenses for installation work.

Flexible financing with Overdraft Facility

  • Overdraft Facility is a form of revolving credit offered to your customers through your company. This can be used for purchases of home construction, home improvement, decoration or gardening supplies.
  • Your customers can use Overdraft Facility for further purchases whenever they wish.
  • Your customers can use Overdraft Facility in all stores belonging to the same chain.
  • You can also have your customer account branded and add an up-and-running online application channel to your website.

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