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For improved management of working capital and credit risks

Does your company need financing services able to improve working capital management and liquidity while outsourcing ledger management services?

You can turn to our factoring services and we will finance your receivables. Our factoring solutions enhance your company's credit control and enable you to protect buyer risk with a credit insurance whether in or outside Finland. Your company can also save money since you will not need to produce these services in-house. Factoring thus frees up your company's resources to your core business.

Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about the various factoring options available to your company.

Factoring is suitable for startups and companies seeking a solution for longer payment terms, as well as export companies.
Juha-Pekka Laitinen‚ Finance Director, OP

Factoring is a diversified service package for the management of working capital and credit risks. Providing both financing and services, our service package is ideal for companies generating net sales of over one million euros and engaged in manufacturing or wholesaling.

The assets to be financed are your company's post-delivery accounts receivable based on a well-established business relationship. The accounts receivable transferred to OP will at the same time serve as collateral for the credit.

Our factoring service package includes credit control, ledger management services, reporting and debt-collection services. The services improve your company's liquidity and enable domestic and/or foreign invoicing within the same credit facility. Your company's accounts receivable can be insured whether they are in or outside Finland. You will also be able to tailor individual payment periods for your buyers and monitor their financial position.

We will customise this service package to suit your company’s needs, in which case the same credit facility can be used to fund export receivables, if required. To view up-to-date financing and ledger management information, you can simply go to our online service.

If your company has a large and established portfolio of accounts receivable, non-recourse factoring (selling your accounts receivable)might be a better solution for you than factoring. Non-recourse factoring works best for larger and international companies with annual net sales exceeding EUR 5 million.

Non-recourse factoring has several benefits for your company. In addition to improving liquidity, it has a positive effect on your company's capital adequacy and return on capital employed.

Requirements for non-recourse factoring:

Non-recourse factoring requires an established business relationship between the seller and buyer and that both parties have high creditworthiness. Other requirements include indisputable claims and unambiguous delivery terms.