Kuva Corporate Gold kortista

OP Corporate Gold - card

Card with credit facilities for your business

With the OP Corporate Gold company card, you can easily and efficiently manage both large and small purchases such as everyday expenses, online shopping, parking and online and travel expenses. 

Once a month, you will receive an invoice showing all the purchases and withdrawals made. Yo can choose afterwards how you wish to pay. Either pay the entire invoice at once or split the payment into several months and only pay interest on the amount you are deferring - it's a flexible solution tailored to your company's needs.

The card is connected to Mastercard and can be used all over the world.

You can now manage your OP Corporate Gold card by downloading the new Corporate Card app. The application makes it easier to use the card and you can conveniently manage the card via your phone. 

Benefits for the company

Benefits for the company include, but are not limited to:

  • The card's flexible credit feature offers broader payment options to suit your business and streamline your cash management. 
  • With all purchases collected on a monthly invoice, the volumes of invoices are reduced, meaning less time being spent on administrative work.
  • As a complement to the company card, you'll also gain free access to OP Corporate Gold card management - a web-based tool for administering corporate cards. The tool gives you full control and a comprehensive overview of your services with us.

Benefits for your employees

Benefits for the cardholders include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • A corporate card that makes it easy to distinguish between private purchases and business expenses.
  • The card is connected to Mastercard and can be used all over the world.
  • Cardholders can safely make online purchases with the Cardholder in Charge and Mastercard Identity Check features.
  • By logging in to the OP Corporate Gold transactions overview, employees can see their non-billed card transactions, account balance and PIN code.
  • The ability to add the card to a range of different digital wallets, including Apple Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay, Fidesmo Pay, Swatch Pay and Xiaomi Pay. This is done by adding OP Corporate Gold - card to mobile wallet. For further information about adding the card to Apple Pay, please see the following link: Get started with Apple Pay

The OP Corporate Gold corporate card and credit facility are granted by SEB Kort Bank AB, Helsinki branch (Business ID 1597729-5).

The OP Corporate Gold card includes OP Corporate Gold transactions overview, a service where cardholders can view their own card transactions. The service is accessed via the link below, using a one-time password. You’ll get a clear overview of your purchases and can track your expenses wherever and whenever you like.

The service allows you to, for example:

  • view your unbilled purchases and search for card transactions
  • check your current balance regardless of whether the bill has been sent already
  • see your PIN code if you have forgotten it
  • send messages to OP Corporate Gold customer service
  • edit your details

As part of the corporate card, the company also gains access to the OP Corporate Gold card management tool, which provides an overview of all the invoices, payments and card transactions.

With this tool, the company can:

  • conveniently follow up and manage invoices, payments and transactions.
  • easily track and manage overdue invoices from one place
  • access accurate information about the cardholders and the status of the card.
  • order one or more extra cards at once or replace a card that has been damaged.
  • block the card immediately or at a specified time.


How to access OP Corporate Gold card management:

  • From 1st of June 2022, all new customers who order an OP Corporate Gold Mastercard will have automatic access to the card processing tool via their card application.
  • Existing customers, or those who become a customer before 1st of June 2022, can apply for card management. Access to the tool can be applied for by a signatory, who will appoint an administrator at the same time.

Attention! Please remember to add all copies of valid passports requested to the application to speed up the processing.

OP Corporate Gold card bills will be sent to your company as a bulk invoice, either as a paper bill or e-invoice. Billing will always be performed on the first business day of each month.

In bulk invoices

  • Purchases made by all of your company's cardholders are shown in a single bill
  • A summary for all the company's cards is shown on one page
  • Each cardholder's transactions are itemised in their own pages
  • The minimum payment is 20% of the total amount due, but at least 500 euros

The OP Corporate Gold card includes a security feature, Cardholder in Charge, which enables cardholders to protect themselves even better from potential card fraud by determining when the card can be used for online purchases. When the service is used, certain webshops and websites require you to open the card for the purchase. If you have not opened the card in advance, online purchases will be prevented and you will be notified of this through an automatic SMS. You can open the card and make the payment if you want by answering the SMS.

You therefore decide whether your card is open or closed for online purchases. You can, for example, close the card and later open it for one hour whenever you wish to make an online purchase. The card can also be opened for an hour with an SMS when the cardholder's mobile phone number has been saved to the OP Corporate Gold transactions overview service.

You can change the online payment settings easily by logging into OP Corporate Gold transactions overview and going to Card services > Open and close. You can choose from among the following 4 options:

  1. Safer online purchasing. (Recommended setting) Your card is always open for online purchases on websites that use the Mastercard Identity Check service and subscriptions (Spotify, Netflix etc.). All other purchases may be denied.
  2. All online purchases for 1 hour. Your card is open for all online purchases for one hour.
  3. All online purchases until further notice. Your card is open for all online purchases until you change your settings.
  4. In-store purchase only. Your card is authorised only for use in physical stores and online purchases are always interrupted. As a cardholder, you will receive an SMS with instructions on how to change settings so that all online purchases are allowed for one hour. After one hour, the original settings are restored automatically, in this case to "In-store purchases only".
  • For more information on using the service, please contact the OP Corporate Gold customer service

You can now manage your OP Corporate Gold card by downloading the new Corporate Card app. The application makes it easier to use the card and you can conveniently manage the card via your phone.

You can use the app to:

  • View your balance, transactions and invoices.

  • Take pictures of your receipts.

  • View current prices and terms and conditions.

  • Manage your card e.g. view PIN, block card, order card etc..

  • Receive notifications on important card actions.

Download the app for free either from the App Store or Google Play. You can also download the app by reading the QR-code.

    App Store QR-code:                   Google Play QR-code: