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OP Corporate Gold

Card with credit facility for your company

With the OP Corporate Gold card, you can pay your job-related travelling and representation costs and various small purchases, consistently and efficiently. The card is a good choice for your company especially if you need payment time or credit for purchases.

Your company can have several OP Corporate Gold cards at the same time, depending on your needs. The credit limit is spread between all the cards. Our free online service keeps both the cardholders and the company’s card managers up to date.

Benefits for your company

  • The card's flexible credit feature enables a longer billing cycle and enhances your company's cash management.
  • Tangible cost-savings will arise from a reduction in the number of bills and manual processing.
  • The need for ready cash will be eliminated and the volume of individual bills will go down.
  • The OP Corporate Gold transactions overview for cardholders service allows for almost real-time monitoring of costs, as well as convenient bill management, ordering of new cards and you can easily check your PIN code and deactivate your card there if needed.

Benefits for cardholders

  • The company's expenses will not burden the cardholder's personal credit limits.
  • The card is accepted as a safe payment instrument on a global basis by some 36 million outlets with a Mastercard icon.
  • Its contactless payment facility enables you to pay for smaller purchases of a maximum of 50 euros.
  • The Cardholder in Charge feature and Mastercard Identity Check ensure secure online payment.
  • You can set a PIN of your choice for the card and see your PIN code if you have forgotten it.
  • You can view your own unbilled card transactions on OP Corporate Gold transactions overview.

The OP Corporate Gold corporate card and credit facility are granted by SEB Kort Bank AB, Helsinki branch (Business ID 1597729-5).

The OP Corporate Gold card includes OP Corporate Gold transactions overview, a service where cardholders can view their own card transactions. The service is accessed via the link below, using a one-time password. You’ll get a clear overview of your purchases and can track your expenses wherever and whenever you like.

The service allows you to, for example,

  • view your unbilled purchases and search for card transactions
  • check your current balance regardless of whether the bill has been sent already
  • see your PIN code if you have forgotten it
  • send messages to OP Corporate Gold customer service
  • edit your details

As an additional service, we provide your company with the OP Corporate Gold card management service, which enables your company to get an overall picture of bills, payments and card transactions. You can also order new cards and make various changes conveniently at any time. The service suits especially companies with more than one card.

In the service, card managers can, for example,

  • conveniently track and manage bills, payments and events relating to cards,
  • receive complete information on cardholders and the card status,
  • order one or several cards at the same time or a replacement for a damaged card,
  • order a current PIN code to be mailed to the cardholder’s home address and order information for determining a PIN of their choice,
  • deactivate cards immediately or on a set date,
  • also close the account if necessary.

OP Corporate Gold card bills will be sent to your company as a bulk invoice, either as a paper bill or e-invoice. Billing will always be performed on the first business day of each month.

In bulk invoices

  • Purchases made by all of your company's cardholders are shown in a single bill
  • A summary for all the company's cards is shown on one page
  • Each cardholder's transactions are itemised in their own pages
  • The minimum payment is 20% of the total amount due, but at least 500 euros

The OP Corporate Gold card includes a security feature, Cardholder in Charge, which enables cardholders to protect themselves even better from potential card fraud by determining when the card can be used for online purchases. When the service is used, certain webshops and websites require you to open the card for the purchase. If you have not opened the card in advance, online purchases will be prevented and you will be notified of this through an automatic SMS. You can open the card and make the payment if you want by answering the SMS.

You therefore decide whether your card is open or closed for online purchases. You can, for example, close the card and later open it for one hour whenever you wish to make an online purchase. The card can also be opened for an hour with an SMS when the cardholder's mobile phone number has been saved to the OP Corporate Gold transactions overview service.

You can change the online payment settings easily by logging into OP Corporate Gold transactions overview and going to Card services > Open and close. You can choose from among the following 4 options:

  1. Safer online purchasing. (Recommended setting) Your card is always open for online purchases on websites that use the Mastercard Identity Check service and subscriptions (Spotify, Netflix etc.). All other purchases may be denied.
  2. All online purchases for 1 hour. Your card is open for all online purchases for one hour.
  3. All online purchases until further notice. Your card is open for all online purchases until you change your settings.
  4. In-store purchase only. Your card is authorised only for use in physical stores and online purchases are always interrupted. As a cardholder, you will receive an SMS with instructions on how to change settings so that all online purchases are allowed for one hour. After one hour, the original settings are restored automatically, in this case to "In-store purchases only".
  • For more information on using the service, please contact the OP Corporate Gold customer service