Extra repayments of a housing company loan

Extra repayments of a housing company loan without fees are possible only in the op.fi service. If the housing company has not signed a Corporate Agreement for Digital Transactions, please contact your OP cooperative bank to sign the agreement. Extra repayments of a housing company loan executed by a bank employee are subject to a fee in accordance with the list of charges and fees (minimum €500).

How to make an extra repayment in the op.fi service

Select New payment and enter the loan number as the payee (recipient) (see example image below). Please note that the invoice for housing company loans is generated about 25 days before the due date. After the invoice is generated, any extra repayments are recorded for the outstanding invoice. Amounts that exceed the invoice are recorded as extra repayments. In other words, if you wish to make an extra repayment, you should do so before the loan repayment invoice is generated or in the days following the due date of the repayment plan.