Myyjä ojentaa korttipäätettä asiakkaalle.

Accepting card payments

Easy way to receive card payments directly to your corporate account

Do your company’s customers pay with payment cards? Together with Nets, we provide Merchant Services and POS terminal services to our merchant customers for accepting card payments. Merchant Services form a secure, international and easy method of accepting card payments, while POS terminal services enable acceptance of card payments, their routing to the bank and a POS terminal under a lease. Card payment data transfers quickly and reliably to the receiver via the routing services.

Your company’s customers will benefit from better service when you can accept card payments, and your company will benefit as well because the service is competitively priced and saves time compared with handling of cash.

The flexible service can be adapted to your company's growing business and any changes in it. For instance, if you want to open new points of sales, it is easy to add them to the service.

It is easy and quick for your company to start using Merchant Services and POS terminal services. Do not hesitate to contact our customer service or your local member cooperative bank for help in concluding the agreements.

Merchant Services and POS terminal services are provided by Nets Ltd (Business ID 0107810-9), Teollisuuskatu 21, 00510 Helsinki.

Read more about Merchant Services How can my company start using the services?

Accepted card types

With Merchant Services your company can accept all major international payment cards: Visa cards and Mastercards, V-Pay and Maestro cards and Unionpay and JCB cards. The service also supports Virikekortti and Lounaskortti cards.

Card payment settlement methods and settlement time

In Merchant Services, you can select gross or net settlements. Gross settlement facilitates and simplifies your company's accounting because card payment transactions are settled gross to your account and the service fees are charged separately once a month. If you choose the standard net settlement method, service charges are debited daily in connection with the settlement. You can change the settlement method and processing method of files as you please.

Visa and Mastercard payments will usually be credited to your company's account two banking days after a card transaction has been received for processing.

Card Acquiring Reporting Service

When you start using the service, you will receive identifiers to the Card Acquiring Reporting Service. The service provides payment data on card transaction and charged commissions. Your accountant can also receive user identifiers to the service.

How can my company start using the service?

Contact our customer service or your local member cooperative bank for help in concluding the agreement.

Reporting service

The POS terminal service includes routing of card payments and reporting services.
You receive identifiers to the reporting service when you start using the service. With the identifiers you can log in to eServices to view the status of card transactions and daily files.

This data complements the information you receive from Merchant Services.

Validity of the POS terminal service agreement

The POS terminal service agreement is always valid for 36 months, after which the agreement is valid until further notice.

During the validity of the agreement, your company will be safeguarded by an equipment replacement guarantee. If the terminal breaks down, you will quickly receive a replacement terminal from Nets.

Nets can also lease POS terminals for temporary needs, either as weekly or monthly leases.

You can take out Consequential Loss Cover when you sign the agreement. It allows you to terminate the agreement after 12 months without any additional costs.

Obtaining a POS terminal

Your local member cooperative bank will be glad to give advice on the most suitable POS terminal model for your company's needs.

The POS terminal is compatible with Merchant Services and the Nets Merchant Portal.