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Our post-transaction services

Your company's business situations change after a corporate transaction. The new situation creates a need for new solutions, whether you are the acquiree or acquirer.

OP can offer you an extensive range of solutions for your company's changed need for financial management, payment transactions, insurance and financing, all under the same roof. We can support you and provide the necessary services for international business too.

Wealth management

Following a corporate transaction, it is advisable to ensure that wealth management services are in line with the changed wealth situation. If you analyse various options and new opportunities well in advance, you will ensure that the change goes smoothly and easily. We can offer you a range of solutions that your company needs for cash management and profitable investment using your surplus.

Payment services


Payment volumes and cash management needs often change as a result of a corporate transaction. Make sure that your company has optimum solutions for the new situation in order to optimise the efficiency of your company's payment transaction processes. OP provides your company with payments and cash management services suited to the domestic and international business environment.


When your company's business changes, it is important to reassess risks of loss or damage and draw up a risk management plan. Adequate insurance cover supports your company's trouble-free and reliable operations. Remember to take out statutory policies for your employees. We also recommend that you also take a look at OP's other insurance for entrepreneurs and personnel because they are a great way to engage and motivate personnel.


In many cases, a changed business also necessitates rethinking financing solutions. OP provides you with the financing solutions that best suits your needs irrespective of your company's size. For larger firms' major financing needs, we recommend money and capital instruments and syndicated loans.