Support for growth and investments

A strong bank is a good partner for a company. You can together with your bank plan a solution for financing growth that best suits your company's needs. OP has suitable solutions for even stronger financing needs of companies of all sizes.

Firms can grow organically, through mergers and acquisitions and new investments. You should not forget to maintain the existing capacity either.

OP is the leading provider and arranger of corporate financing. We want to be involved in ensuring your company's growth in the future too. We contemplate and tailor all solutions on the basis of your company's needs and are pleased to help your company in case it needs new options to speed up growth.

Our diversified solutions support your business growth

OP supports your company's growth and seeks to find the best method for your company to finance its projects planned.

We will be pleased to find your company a solution that facilitates the management of its capital and funding structure. Moreover, we help in analysing market and asset-liability management risks. We will also be pleased to discuss the management of corporate transactions and seek to find the best possible way of financing a transaction.

Top-quality solutions that bring added value help your company maximise it market value, make efficient use of financial markets and manage its asset-liability and financial risks. Please contact us and we will tailor financing solutions according to your company's needs!