Online meeting

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A specialist in your living room

Instead of visiting an OP branch, you can use our online meeting to get personal banking and insurance-related services wherever you are. You can, for example, negotiate a loan or discuss your savings plans with our specialist using your mobile device in a place that suits you.

You can have an online meeting even outside the branch opening hours. Log in to the service with your personal OP user identifiers, check your local bank's online meeting offering and book a suitable time for yourself.

An online meeting is for the time being available only to OP's customers. If you are not yet an OP customer, you can make an appointment for a meeting by phone or one at a bank branch, instead of an online meeting.

How online meeting works on mobile

Meeting online on mobile devices

You need to have OP-mobile or OP Business mobile on your tablet or phone and the OP online meeting app. Download the app to your tablet or phone from AppStore or Google Play.

1. Book an appointment

You can book an appointment online.

2. Download applications

Download OP online meeting and OP-mobile.

3. Join the meeting

Start the meeting in OP-mobile, get comfortable and negotiate.

Instructions for online meeting (in Finnish)