Right now: Beware of scam calls made in OP’s name – do not reveal your OP User ID to anyone

Cybercriminals are making scam calls in which they claim to be from OP or another organisation. They will ask you to give your online user ID or transfer your money into a ”secure account”.

Scam calls are being made at the moment, in which criminals pose as employees of institutions such as banks, public agencies or other organisations. The criminal making the call may also claim that they are transferring the call to the "bank’s security department".

For example, the criminal may claim that unusual transactions have been detected on your account, or that loans have been applied for in your name. During the call, the criminal will ask for your online user ID or request that you move money into a so-called safe or secure account. In fact, no secure account exists and the money will fall into the hands of criminals.

Criminals may also initially contact you by SMS, asking you to call a number they provide.

What should I do?

  • Remember that banks and authorities would never make a phone call in which they ask you to give your online user ID or make payments.
  • Do not do what a suspicious caller asks you to do. End the call and report it to your bank.
  • If you receive an SMS referring, for example, to a loan application or suspicious account transactions, do not call the telephone number given in the SMS. Do not click on any links included in SMSes of this kind.

If you suspect that you have been a victim of fraud

Deactivate your OP user ID by calling 0100 0500 (personal customers) or 0100 05151 (corporate customers). Our Customer Service is open on Mon–Fri, 8.00–16.00. Outside these times, call OP’s Deactivation Service on 0100 0555; this service is open 24/7. Be sure also to call Customer Service during service hours to report the incident.

This is how our messages differ from scam messages

Banks or authorities never call and ask customers to give their online user IDs, make payments or install an app on their phone.

We will never send you messages with a link to the online bank’s login page. Your bank will never ask you about your user ID or card details through messages. Such messages are scams – do not click on the links in the messages.

Even when receiving or cancelling a payment, you do not need to log in via a link, confirm with codes, or give your details. If you are asked to do this, contact the bank's Customer Service.