Interruptions in our services on 23 and 24 September due to maintenance

During the interruptions, we'll maintain and develop our services to guarantee their continued high quality in the future. We apologise for the inconvenience caused. 

These services will be unavailable during the night between Friday and Saturday, 23 September, 00.00–07.00, and Saturday and Sunday, 24 September, 00.00–06.00: 

  • service 
  • OP-mobile 
  • OP Business mobile 
  • OP Accessible 
  • Pivo  
  • Siirto payments  
  • OP Corporate Hub 
  • Online payments from accounts or cards, confirmation with Mobile key or key code list 
  • Identification for using public services, such as My Kanta Pages and Kela 
  • External services where you can pay online from an OP account or browse OP account information 
  • OP Lasku 
  • OP Overdraft Facility 
  • OP Financing online service 
  • OP’s Electronic Signature service ( 
  • OP Smart Contracts 

Interruptions may occur in OP-Visa cards’ debit transactions and Mastercard cash withdrawals and at Otto ATMs. In addition, cash deposits cannot be made during the interruption. 

OP-Visa cards’ credit transactions and Mastercards will function normally in stores and service stations.