Here’s how use of cash declined and use of OP-mobile grew during the first year of the coronavirus pandemic

Logins to OP-mobile grew by over 23 per cent since March last year. On the other hand, OP’s customers withdrew 25 per cent less cash than a year earlier.

The coronavirus pandemic, which reached Finland in March last year, has transformed how people handle money, with customers moving from paper to digital means of payment.

  • Cash withdrawals by OP customers from ATMs, bank branches and shop tills have fallen by 25 per cent, in euros, since March last year.
  • The number of customer logins to OP-mobile grew by 23 per cent in the same period. There were almost 40 million logins to OP-mobile in March 2021, whereas the 20 million threshold was crossed in November 2018.
  • Via OP-mobile and Pivo, customers can use the Siirto payment system to move money between accounts in real time. A total of 40 per cent more Siirto payments were made via OP’s services than in the previous year. The number of debit card payments by customers grew by almost 9 per cent in the same period. Credit and debit payments by OP customers were 25 per cent higher during Easter week 2021 than in the same week in 2020.

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