OP is an active owner in its mutual funds – In the first half of 2022, we attended 1,160 general meetings

In its funds, OP actively takes advantage of its shareholder rights to encourage companies to be more sustainable in their operations. In our recent report on active ownership, you can read how we took advantage of our shareholder rights in the first half of 2022.

In addition to taking responsibility into account in investment decisions, it is essential for a responsible investor to act as an active owner. In practice, this means that investors seek to take advantage of their shareholder rights, such as a shareholder’s right to vote in general meetings so as to encourage companies to operate more sustainably and responsibly.

OP funds have exercised their voting right in foreign companies’ general meetings already since 2017 and attended the general meetings of Finnish companies since 2010. We report how actively we have exercised our voting rights and publish information on company-specific votes in our recent report dealing with active ownership. This link gives you access to the report (in Finnish only).

– In the first half of 2022, we attended 1,160 general meetings both at home and abroad. The number of climate-themed proposals made by shareholders in spring 2022 increased again compared with the previous period of general meetings, in other words in 2021. In respect of the responsibility themes, climate as a topic has really stood out in general meetings, says Annika Esono Manninen, Head of ESG at OP.

In addition to the climate theme, the general meetings’ agendas included, for example, supply chain risks and their management, human capital, board composition related especially to gender distribution and ethnic background as well as management remuneration.