OP transmitted tax refunds to 1.3 million people in September

Payees received tax refunds paid as credit transfers on 4 September. A total of 1.3 million private customers received tax refunds in a total of approximately 1.25 billion euros (transmitted by OP).

Will you be getting tax refunds but have not informed your account number to the Tax Administration? Tax refunds are redeemable from 5 September. OP’s private customers can most conveniently redeem their tax refund in their online service.

All the received tax refunds are available for redemption in OP cooperative bank branches. You must have with you a valid ID document issued by the relevant authority (passport or ID card). The refunds are available for redemption for 28 days.
OP is the principal payment transaction operator of Finland’s central government. In this role, OP transmits tax refunds, for instance.