Pivo - Siirto

Siirto payment has over one million users

Siirto payment system has rapidly gained popularity over the last few months: in June, the number of registered users exceeded one million. OP continues to develop the Siirto brand in cooperation with Nordea.

“The number of Siirto users has rapidly increased over the last few years, and today more than one million people use the system. This proves that Siirto, which is targeted at any bank's customers, has established its position both among consumers and merchants,” says Masa Peura, Director of payments, accounts and personal finance management at OP.

What is Siirto payment?

Siirto is a Finnish mobile payment system that enables real-time money transfers between OP and Nordea, regardless of the time or day. Siirto payments between other banks will be in the payee’s account within 1–2 banking days. All you need is the payee’s phone number – you don’t need to know their account number. You can use Siirto through three apps: OP-mobile, Pivo and Nordea Siirto. 

You can also pay with Siirto in thousands of online and brick-and-mortar stores.

Siirto payment is related to OP’s theme In my own hands. The speed of recovery of the Finnish economy depends on whether we have the courage to go out, go shopping and use services while ensuring the safety of ourselves and others. If ever, it is now time to take the future into our own hands. We have compiled our easy-to-use, secure and flexible payment solutions for the new daily life in one place.