Do you need more time to pay your insurance bill? Ask for payment extension easily on OP-mobile or in the service

We understand that there are situations where you can’t pay your insurance bill by the due date. For those situations, we developed a service through which you can easily ask for more time to pay your bill.

Log into OP-mobile or the service and click on the Insurance page to find your insurance bill.

Do this to ask for more payment time:

  1. Select the insurance bill for which you wish to have more payment time and click on the button “Request for more payment time”.
  2. Enter the date on which you intend to pay the bill.
  3. Finally, click “Request”.

It’s as easy as that! You’ll be immediately informed of whether your request was accepted.

You can get up to 30 days more payment time for a bill that has not yet fallen due and for which no payment extension has been granted before. For the extra payment time, we will charge penalty interest according to the Interest Act.

View your insurance bills online

On the Insurance bills page, you can view your insurance bills in detail.

You can browse your unpaid and paid insurance bills for the past three years. For each bill, you can view bill details such as the billing period, the total amount, the amount billed for each insured item and the amount paid with OP bonuses (if any).