Do you already know our services for managing finances?

We wish to be the best financial partner for our customers and help our customers build their wealth. We launched several new services for managing finances in 2020 that will help you realise your financial dreams even more easily than before.

We launched these services for managing finances in 2020 – are you already using them?

  • OP Multi-bank Service enables you to view the details of your account with another bank on OP-mobile and the service.
  • Subscription management service shows how much money is spent on recurring subscriptions like electricity, streaming services and mobile subscriptions. You’ll find the Subscription management service on OP-mobile under the My financial balance service.
  • OP Investment Partner inspires you to reach your investment target. This service for easy investment is available on OP-mobile.
  • We also released a new version of the My financial balance service, originally launched in 2019, that makes it even easier for you to get an overall picture of you finances in one view. My financial balance is already used by over a million OP-mobile users.

Our services for managing finances also include Money Box that helps you get started with saving.

We’re continuously improving our services

We aim to further improve our services for managing finances on the basis of customer feedback. In the course of 2021, we’ll be improving our services through the following measures, among others:

  • Early in the year, we already introduced categorisation to OP Multi-bank Service, familiar from My financial balance, so that you can also categorise the transactions of your accounts with other banks. This feature is available on OP-mobile and the service.
  • In 2021, we’ll add new features to My financial balance that will help you manage and monitor your finances even better than before.
  • We’ll also introduce new features to Money Box.