New types of key code lists are to be phased in gradually

The key codes you are currently using will function normally until you receive a new key code list.

The key code lists will be changed. New types of key code lists will be sent to customers between February and March. The phasing will probably last until the end of 2025. 

The new key code lists are larger and clearer than the current ones. They are designed for private use and can also be read better with a reading device. If you are using a smart device, it is a good idea always to identify yourself with a Mobile key. 

Your current key code lists will continue to function normally. The change will require no action on your part. The phasing will also not affect the functionality of the key code list and Mobile key. 

The update will progress gradually, so we will post both new and old lists to our customers. You will automatically receive a new key code list when you need to start using it.