You can now download accounting records on the service too

As our invoicing service’s customer, you can find summaries of sales and purchase invoices as well as online balance statements at

As the customer of OP’s invoicing service, you can now compile your company’s accounting records and download them not only to OP Business mobile but also on the service. You can download the records in pdf or csv format, in which case they can be easily processed further, for example, on Excel, and deliver them to your accountant by email. 

These are the accounting records saved in the service during the last 18 months. On the service, you will find summaries of all sales invoices sent to customers, purchase invoices and online balance statements. You can choose whether you would like to have the records on a cash basis (based on the invoice payment date) or on an accrual basis (based on the invoice date). 

You will get a summary report of your sales invoices related to the invoices of the month concerned and exact copies of the invoices. When it comes to purchase invoices, you will get exact copies of the invoices. 

You can compile accounting records when you log into the service and go to (Tilit) Accounts, (maksaminen) payment and (laskutus) invoicing