You can also identify yourself with Mobile key when calling us

When you call our customer service for personal customers, you can now identify yourself with Mobile key, in addition to the key code list.

Now you can also identify yourself with Mobile key when calling our customer service. If you have enabled Mobile key on your mobile phone, you can now identify yourself conveniently with the same device you are calling from. Alternatively, you can continue to identify yourself using your key code list.

Keep security in mind during identification

  • Whether you use Mobile key or the key code list for identification, remember to be careful.
  • Reject the confirmation request on Mobile key if the request details don’t match the transaction you are making or if you are not using your user ID at the time.
  • Shield your user ID so that the information entered by you or shown on the screen doesn’t remain available to unauthorised parties. Never give your user ID to anyone.
  • Not even a bank or the authorities will ask you to provide your user ID over the phone or by SMS or email.

Keep your username, password and key code list safe as you’ll still need them for some functions, such as enabling Mobile key when replacing your phone.