Changes to occupational accident insurance for entrepreneurs and partial changes to occupational accidents and diseases insurance as of 1 January 2023

The changes will affect your policy code, billing, and the use of our services.

We are upgrading our insurance system and related support systems, and the management of insurance policies and claims, one insurance product at a time. At the start of 2022, we transferred a large part of our occupational accident and disease insurance policies into the new system.

Now, it is time to transfer occupational accident insurance for entrepreneurs as well as the occupational accidents and diseases insurance policies that are still in the old system. The transfer may require action on your part, but the contents of your insurance cover will remain unchanged.

If your policy code already begins with 78, your insurance is already in the new system and the changes will have no effect on you. You can check the policy code in your insurance details at

We are continuing our journey towards a new service offering. We hope to better meet our customers’ needs and future requirements. Over the next few years we hope to provide even better services for you and your company. We will continue to cover your business against unexpected events in the future. Stay posted!

We will send a letter to you in the autumn of 2022, which will describe the changes to your insurance policies in more detail. Please read the letter carefully. You can also find additional information regarding the changes and what action is required on your part on