New loss report format for companies’ traveller claims

The new, user-friendlier loss report for traveller claims is part of a larger overhaul of our online corporate insurance services.

Traveller claims, including

  • travel illnesses and accidents,
  • cancellations and
  • interrupted trips, and
  • delayed or
  • missed departures

can now be filed using the new loss report format by logging into the service with your online banking identifiers. Note that you can continue the treatment at Pohjola Hospital of an illness or injury that began while travelling. You can also choose another Pohjola Insurance and A-Vakuutus partner doctor or clinic.

Pohjola Claim Help provides instructions and the contact details of our partner doctor nearest your travel destination.

The loss reports for group accident insurance and motor vehicle claims were also redesigned earlier this year. The loss report for luggage insurance claims is still the same as before. All loss reports for corporate claims are available in the service.

Other news this September

When viewing the company’s claims on the Claims page, it is now possible to view claims for all types of loss or filter claims based on their attributes.

If your company’s personnel is insured under Health Insurance, the policy itemisation now displays a list of names of insured personnel. You can add or remove personnel to/from the policy easily on

The Risk Management Method for companies will no longer be available as of this September. If your company has taken out occupational accident and occupational disease insurance at Pohjola Insurance, you will get access to the new Pohjola Risk Management Service free of charge. The service allows you to assess risks and stay up-to-date on occupational safety at your workplace.

You can only use those corporate insurance services on for which you have been granted access rights.


If you have any questions regarding insurance policies or the web service, do not hesitate to call our telephone service at 0303 0303* (available Mon–Fri 8–18).

*Call charge from Finnish mobile subscriptions and landline phones is 0.0835 euros per call plus 0.12 euros per minute (VAT included).