Reporting suspected misconduct (Whistleblowing)

A whistleblowing channel is available for reporting any suspicions regarding misconduct and violations of policies and regulation. Suspicions are taken seriously by OP Financial Group, and we want to provide an easy and confidential reporting channel to raise any issues.

What situations should I report and through what channel?

We encourage you to report any suspicions regarding wrongdoings or violations. Potential violations include, among others, any fraudulent, suspicious, dishonest, illegal or unethical actions or conduct by an employee and other action in breach of rules or regulations.

Employees of OP Financial Group may always report suspicions to their supervisor, HR Manager or compliance officer. Reports can also be made anonymously via the whistleblowing channel, and they will be investigated by independent whistleblowing officers in Compliance. A whistleblower is not expected to be able to prove the suspicion, but reports should always be made in good faith.

The whistleblowing channel is intended only for reporting suspected wrongdoings. Customer feedback and complaints should be submitted to appropriate channels.

Handling and confidentiality of reports

Our whistleblowing channel is anonymous and uses a secure and encrypted service provided by a third party. No information that could be used to identify the whistleblower will be stored.

Reports sent to the whistleblowing channel are processed only by designated persons in the Compliance function. Designated officers launch any necessary measures to investigate the matter, and work with strict confidence. Even when the whistleblower chooses to explicitly disclose their identity, the information is kept confidential.

After submitting a report, you will receive an anonymous username and password specific to the report. By logging in later, you can provide additional information, maintain a dialogue with the investigating officer and get informed about case status.

Any personal data will be erased from the system as soon as the investigation permits this. The individual whom the report concerns does not have the right to access the information, but the Data Protection Officer of OP Financial Group may, at the individual’s request, review the lawfulness of the information.