External workforce background checks

OP Financial Group performs the following external workforce background checks or some of them: drug screening test, credit history check and the security clearance carried out by the Finnish Security Intelligence Service. In addition, a non-disclosure agreement is to be signed in respect of secret information and material possessed by the client. The background checks are equal with respect to OP’s internal and external workforce, in which case work to be done matters, not the employer.

If a supplier or a person selected for the assignment, refuses the background checks, no agreement can be made or assignment be initiated. Jobs subject to background checks will be identified when a project is specified and the job descriptions and the agreement are drawn up. The representatives of the business concerned, procurement and supplies are in charge of job identification.

Required background checks

  • Leased employees and Partners: drug screening test, credit history check and non-disclosure agreement if the person concerned has rights of access to OP Financial Group’s premises or user rights to the system that contains information classified as critical. Security clearance will be performed if the person’s job description includes developing or maintaining critical systems or a special business-critical reason as the basis.
  • Consultants are subject to background checks if they work at OP Financial Group with information specified as critical.

In which cases the background checks are performed:

  • We carry out background checks when the agreement / assignment is made or extended if such background checks have not been carried out earlier.
  • The checks will be carried out irrespective of the person’s nationality or the country where the person works. Local legislation provides the framework for what checks can be carried out and when. More detailed instructions are available from OP Procurement.
  • Background checks must be carried out again if the job contract between the person working for OP and the provider has at least a six-month break.
  • When it comes to persons already working for OP, the checks must be initiated without delay.
  • The security clearance process takes several weeks and the person concerned may take up his/her duties as conditional after the process has been initiated until the reception of the replies.