Opiskelijat ja vastavalmistuneet

Students and recent graduates

We are proud and happy to say that OP is Finland's most attractive employer in the financial sector and at the third place in the business and commerce sector. (Universum 2018)

Summer job at OP – Success stories begin with us

In the summer, OP offers hundreds of summer jobs to students in various fields across Finland. Sales and customer service jobs will be opened in e.g. finance, wealth management and insurance. We are also searching for talents in diverse fields, to work for instance in legal services, finance, IT, security, communications and product development.

Where possible, we also offer internships. During your internship, OP professionals support you in acquainting yourself with OP’s business and OP Financial Group as an employer. Trainees working at OP cooperative banks will mainly work at customer service jobs. OP cooperative banks often engage in close cooperation with regional educational institutions.

Check out our open internship positions at OP’s career site. If there are no open internship positions, you can fill in an open internship application on OP’s career site. You can also ask about internship positions directly at local OP cooperative banks. In your application, remember to mention the duties and the geographical area you are interested in, as well as the internship period. We will contact you if we can offer you a suitable internship position. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee an internship position for all applicants.

OP Kiitorata programme for training future stars

Are you excited about the opportunities of digitisation? Want to get your foot in the door at the banking sector, or in our other business areas or perhaps in legal services? 

If that describes you, you might want to take a look at OP Kiitorata, our trainee programme. The OP Kiitorata trainee programme is designed for university graduates or students at an advanced stage in their studies seeking challenging and interesting duties. The programme forms an excellent path to future career development and placement within OP Financial Group.

As a trainee, you will be able to learn about OP’s business areas in great detail and enhance your skills with the help of skilled colleagues and a personal mentor. The programme offers an inspiring opportunity to build your professional competence and work experience and to network with people.

You can apply for the OP Kiitorata trainee programme if you are either a graduate or at the final stages of your studies and are motivated to become a professional of the future. We value broadmindedness, courage and motivation to learn new things. The period for application for OP Kiitorata trainee programme is in the autumn. 

Do your thesis at OP

OP believes in academic freedom and in Finnish education. In 2016, we donated a total of 6.3 million euros to Finnish universities since top expertise is a key factor of Finland's prosperity and cherishing it is crucial for the future.

We cooperate extensively with universities and annually provide dozens of thesis work opportunities for students across Finland nearing the end of their studies.

If you are interested in completing your thesis work with us, one route to it opens through our summer internships. Otherwise, you can submit your thesis work application to us by email to rekry.hr-palvelut(a)op.fi. Please describe the subject of your thesis, its schedule and research plan in your application. We are unfortunately unable to guarantee the opportunity for thesis work to all applicants.

Broad-based cooperation with educational institutions

Young people have unrivalled energy that we would like to harness into building the future of both OP and the entire society.

Cooperation with educational institutions and students is close to our heart and we therefore participate in several cooperation and recruitment events of universities and universities of applied sciences throughout Finland. This cooperation takes many forms: we provide support to teaching young people about how to manage their finances and visit lectures and classes of various educational institutions to share our expertise with the students and inform them about topical news from the world of finance.