Opiskelijat ja vastavalmistuneet

Students and recent graduates

Summer job at OP – Success stories begin with us

In the summer, OP offers hundreds of summer jobs to students in various fields across Finland. Sales and customer service jobs will be opened in e.g. finance, wealth management and insurance. We are also searching for talents in diverse fields, to work for instance in legal services, finance, IT, security, communications and product development.

As a rule, the central cooperative provides students with internship positions in the form of summer and trainee jobs. You will get an excellent start to your career, supported by experienced co-workers in Finland’s most attractive financial services company. You can find additional information on the job opportunities and application periods on our summer recruitment site and the OP Kiitorata site.

You can also ask about summer jobs and internship positions directly on local OP cooperative banks’ own sites.

OP Kiitorata programme for training future stars

Kiitorata is a six month trainee period (from 1 March to 31 August) aimed to offer talents in the early stages of their careers versatile development opportunities in challenging trainee jobs, supported by our professionals.

Each trainee receives a clear, defined job description, responsibilities, and goals. Completing these goals is the most important aim of the trainee period. We offer each of our trainees an orientation at both the group and individual levels. In addition, trainees will receive support from expert teammates for the duration of their Kiitorata journey. Our aim is to increase the responsibilities of our trainees and the level of the challenges offered to them in degrees as their competence develops.

Kiitorata also includes versatile joint activities intended to support the personal development of our trainees, help them form a wide network within our company and understand the different segments of OP Financial Group.

Do your thesis at OP

OP believes in academic freedom and in Finnish education. We cooperate extensively with universities and annually provide dozens of thesis work opportunities for students across Finland nearing the end of their studies.

If you are interested in completing your thesis work with us, you can find out more at op-careers.fi (in Finnish). Please describe the subject of your thesis, its schedule and your research plan in your application. We are unfortunately unable to guarantee the opportunity for thesis work to all applicants.

Broad-based cooperation with educational institutions

Young people have unrivalled energy that we would like to harness into building the future of both OP and the entire society.

Cooperation with educational institutions and students is close to our heart and we therefore participate in several cooperation and recruitment events of universities and universities of applied sciences throughout Finland. This cooperation takes many forms: we provide support to teaching young people about how to manage their finances and visit lectures and classes of various educational institutions to share our expertise with the students and inform them about topical news from the world of finance.