How to become OP's partner?

We want to be present where our customers are. We want our actions to matter and represent sustainable values in our society in line with our sponsorship principles. OP cooperative banks are independently responsible for local sponsorship cooperation. Please contact your region’s OP cooperative bank about local cooperation proposals. You can find the contact information of OP cooperative banks on their own websites.

Do you want to become our partner?

We are not currently actively seeking new national sponsorship partners but are focusing on well-planned cooperation with the existing ones.

If you are interested in national cooperation with us, use the form on this page to submit an application. Please read our sponsorship principles carefully first. We will process the received applications twice a year. We will ask for further information if necessary and will notify the selected cooperation partners of our decisions.

Unfortunately, we cannot reply to sponsorship questions by phone or email.

Thank you for your interest in us!

OP Financial Group sponsorship principles

OP Financial Group wants to be present where its customers are. We want to make such contributions that are of significance and represent sustainable values in our society.

Good sponsorship means a win-win situation

The purpose of sponsorship cooperation is that the target audience of a sponsored object receives added value for the subject it appreciates. Such added value may consist of a diverse range of contents, more effectively orchestrated events or ancillary services related to the sponsored objects.

The sponsored object benefits from cooperation primarily not only in monetary form but also in in-kind form through additional resources. For example, the object may get opportunities to attain visibility in terms of marketing and communication on a more extensive basis or to develop its own activities to be more varied.

OP Financial Group feels well if its customers feel well. Responsibility for society and services it offers forms an important part of cooperative movement. OP has the mission of promoting the sustainable prosperity, well-being and security of its owner-customers, customers and operating regions through its local presence. People-first approach, Responsibility and Prospering together are our most important values.  OP Financial Group's successful sponsorship cooperation ‒ which it utilises in marketing, communications and customer service work ‒ also brings added value to our business while buttressing our reputation indirectly or directly.

What do we expect from sponsorship cooperation?

When selecting sponsoring partners, we give weight to the fact that we can do things that are of societal importance, locally or nationally relevant and impactful, appealing to the target group and of high quality and dynamic. It is also essential that our partners operate responsibly and according to sustainable values.

We have a long-term approach to sponsorship, which is why make agreements on a multiannual basis. We also aim at year-round cooperation. Considering that we are a nationwide actor, we also  operate on both nationwide and local basis in our cooperative relationships.

What and who do we sponsor?

OP sponsors culture at national level and projects that are interesting at social level. Through their own decisions, OP cooperative banks sponsor objects that are interesting at local level.

OP Financial Group does not sponsor private individuals. On rare occasions and after careful consideration, we enter into sponsorship of individual activities, provided that such activities are in line with OP Financial Group's other sponsorship arrangements and are particularly interesting, specific in terms of content and exceptionally topical.