Corporate Responsibility Programme

Responsibility stems from OP's mission and core values. Responsibility is an integral part of OP’s strategy and every OP employee’s daily work, decisions and activities. Successful CSR activities require that we engage in active dialogue with our stakeholders and communicate openly about our activities.

OP’s CSR programme is based on megatrends in the business environment and a materiality analysis to identify those aspects of CSR that are the most central to OP and its stakeholders.

OP’s CSR programme is framed around four themes: We improve financial literacy in Finland, We foster a sustainable economy, We support local vitality and community spirit, We use our intellectual and information capital in a responsible way.



We promote personal financial management and prosperity in all age groups. We seek to secure financial prosperity for our customers. We provide a wide range of products and services that help people to comprehensively manage their personal finances. We are the leading financial literacy coach in our sector, and we foster diverse discussion about money. Financial literacy teaching plays an important role in OP’s CR activities. In 2020, we will provide financial literacy coaching to 100,000 children and young people. We train our customers in all age groups to manage their personal finances digitally. We arrange digital guidance events for tens of thousands of seniors every year.

One of our values is succeeding together. OP Financial Group is owned by two million owner-customers of OP cooperative banks. Based on our mission, we promote the wellbeing of our owner-customers and business environment. We treat our customers equally. We provide jobs, promote physical activity, provide protection and create wellbeing in Finland. We support cultural activities, education and competence. We promote local economic vitality by financing businesses and supporting employment all around Finland. Our partnerships are important for us in the implementation of our CR activities, and we encourage corporate volunteering.

We promote employee wellbeing and diversity. OP Financial Group considers diversity to be an asset and guarantees equal opportunities, rights and fair treatment for everyone. Employees are treated equally in areas such as remuneration, recruitment and career advancement.

We support sustainable development, mitigating climate change and adapting to it. We are forerunners in responsible investment in Finland. We develop practices further and show the way in our sector. The financial sector is essential in financing a sustainable economy. We enable investments in sustainable technology and services and in renewable energy. We provide financing products that support sustainable development. We continue to create new responsible products and services for both private and corporate customers.

We aim to be carbon positive in 2025. Being carbon positive means that we are carbon neutral, i.e. we don’t produce any emissions from the energy and fuels that we use (Scope 1 and Scope 2), and that we also help our supply chain reduce their emissions. In order to reach our carbon neutrality target, we will continue efforts such as using renewable energy in our properties and increasing the use of solar energy.

We use customer data and artificial intelligence in a transparent way. We develop our services by keeping accessibility and the best customer experience in all channels at the core of everything we do. Our most important asset is trust, and responsible use of information forms an integral part of it. OP was the first Finnish company to publish its ethical guidelines for artificial intelligence. Through our data protection practices, we protect the personal data of our customers, personnel, partners and other parties interacting with OP. We publish a data balance sheet on an annual basis. Our services are equal and accessible for everyone. We ensure that the terms and conditions and customer communication materials related to our products and services are clear and easy to understand.