Corporate Social Responsibility Programme

Responsibility stems from OP's mission and core values.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an essential part of OP Financial Group’s business and strategy. We listen to our stakeholders' opinions, observe the megatrends, risks and opportunities influencing our operating environment and manage our operations guided by our values. In terms of CSR, we aim at becoming a financial sector pioneer in Finland.

OP's CSR programme is based on OP's core values, megatrends in the operating environment and materiality. The programme comprises four elements: we promote sustainable economy, we support local vitality, we act with a people-first approach and through engagement, we foster health, security and wellbeing.


The financial sector is essential in financing sustainable economy. We enable sustainable investments in new technology, new services and renewable energy. As OP finances sustainable economy, it enables changes in society. We continue to create new responsible products and services.

In terms of our own operation, our target is to be carbon positive by 2025. In order to obtain our target, we use renewable energy in our properties, for example, and we will expand the implementation of solar energy.

We are forerunners in sustainable investment in Finland and we develop practices further by showing the way within the sector.

One of our values is ‘prospering together’. We wish to represent a positive driving force in our communities. In line with this, we take active part in developing local and regional vitality. We are also present digitally in communities.

– OP is strongly committed to working for Finnish economic development and prosperity in society. This is apparent as concrete actions for the benefit of the operating environment through #suominousuun initiatives, for example. We support Finnish education and skills and assume a responsible role in addressing the issue related to the new employment landscape. We promote the financial skills of young people.

We are here to serve people. We care about our customers and the members of our work community. We actively listen to our customers and other stakeholders and invite them to participate in developing our operation.

We promote diversity in our own operation. We promote the welfare of our employees in a versatile manner. We provide our employees with opportunities to volunteer also during working hours. We operate and communicate in an open manner. We respect human rights.

We provide tools and services to make our customers’ life easier and to promote health. We are active in loss prevention together with our customers. We take care of data protection and information security.

We promote physical activity among children through sponsorship, for example.