OP Financial Group will begin to launch energy-saving measures – reducing indoor temperature of its offices

The price of energy and its scarcity next winter will pose a serious threat to Finnish society. OP Financial Group will start to save energy by cutting the temperature of its offices first at least by one degree. At the same time, we will start our #energysavingchalllenge and encourage our corporate and personal customers as well as partners and other firms to become involved.

OP Financial Group seeks to cut its heating energy production by five per cent this winter. The Group will reduce the indoor temperature of its offices by one degree and take several other energy-saving measures. In 2021, OP Financial Group’s energy consumption was around 132, 000 MWh. District heating accounted for about 50 per cent of this.

OP Financial Group will cut the room temperature of its offices by one degree. Based on our assessment, the energy-saving measures correspond to heating almost 200 detached houses heated by electricity for one year.

Buildings account for up to some a quarter of all energy consumption in heating. The energy crisis is a serious thing, and the electricity price will be a critical thing for many people in Finland next winter. Through its own action, OP Financial Group wants to solve this problem. When OP Financial Group cuts its own consumption, we can affect the electricity price across the board. In many cases, reducing room temperature is a straightforward way to save energy and money.

#Energysavingchallenge encourages all of us to save energy

OP Financial Group’s own actions do not alone solve the energy crisis. That’s why, OP initiates a challenge of saving energy in connection with its own energy-saving measures with which it encourages all its corporate and personal customers as well as partners and other firms to contemplate the possibilities to economise on energy. 

When we do things together, we can make even a bigger impact. Are you already involved in the #energy-savingchallenge? Do you take energy-saving measures in response to the energy crisis? Please tell us too by entering the #energysavingchallenge in social medial channels!