It's time to talk about the hippo in the room!

Talking about money is important – but how and where?

OP's young people's group of 15–19-year-olds discuss what young people really want to know about money and personal finances. How can we talk about these topics in a way that is genuinely interesting? 

What does OP's young people's group do?

  • OP's first group for young people meets and works over the course of the spring term 2024.  
  • The young people's group will be solving an assignment related to preventing indebtedness among young people at two hackathon events held in Helsinki in the spring of 2024.  
  • In addition, the group meets remotely 2–4 times during the term to brainstorm and plan together.  

What do members get out of the group?

  • Applicants selected for the group will be compensated (€50/hour, estimated total compensation around €1,000).  
  • In addition, members of the young people's group gain new experiences and contacts, as well as an amazing opportunity to influence how financial skills are talked about, and what young people should know about money and personal finances.  
  • We will also reimburse out-of-town members for travel and accommodation costs for the hackathons held in Helsinki.  

What kinds of young people is the group made up of?

  • OP's young people's group consists of 12 young people aged 15–19 from all over Finland.  
  • The members of the first group are young people who are motivated to influence the public discourse on young people's finances. Members of the young people's group are not expected to have previous experience regarding the topics – what matters is enthusiasm, motivation and opinions.

How do I apply for the next young people's group? 

Applications for the next young people's group will open in autumn 2024. The deadline for applications and other details will be announced later on this page.