Vastuullinen vahinkovakuuttaminen

Responsible non-life insurance

We protect customers against risks and promote safety in a responsible way.

We assume responsibility for promoting the customer’s safety and the prevention of loss or damage. We select our partners in claims services carefully and watch closely climate change.

We bear risks above the customer's risk-bearing capacity

First and foremost, OP's non-life insurance seeks to ensure that its customer is sufficiently aware of his risks and the loss or damage that he may suffer will not cause insuperable financial difficulties to him.

We map out potential risk and safety factors together with our customer and always optimise insurance solutions on a customised basis. Potential risks of private customers include loss or damage caused by fire, burglary and leakage to property. A risk management method offered by OP's insurance to corporate customers enables them to enhance their safety culture in a diverse and new way.

We help promote wellbeing

We make dedicated efforts to use new tools to ensure wellbeing too. An employer can take out with us both statutory and voluntary policies and related ancillary services that help manage employees' accidental injuries and health risks. A private customer can secure his health and wellbeing in a more diverse way through a more effective clinical pathway.

Considering climate change is part of responsible insurance

Climate change is affecting the lives of our policyholders and the business environment of our corporate customers. We therefore want to make our insurance business be more sustainable. Our aim is that our insurance solutions cover all policy-eligible risks as extensively as possible in changing circumstances as well. In our insurance operations, we are actively seeking risk management practices and insurance solutions that promote sustainable development.

We support sustainable development not only by developing our own business but also encouraging others to perform on a more sustainable basis. We aim to advise our customers and partners on operations preventing climate change. We also increase risk awareness and advise on the adaptation to climate change. Our goal is to foster responsibility among people and corporations while contributing to developments in legislation and official regulations on climate change. Communication is one tool to contribute, enabling us to support our customers and stakeholders in preparing for risks associated with climate change, and the development of risk management efforts.

We require that our claims partners pay attention to the principles of sustainable development and act accordingly.