Financing services for SME businesses via digital channels

View your company’s loans easily – always see the up-to-date details in digital channels

Corporate financing services conveniently on the service and OP-mobile

You can easily view your company’s loan details on the service for corporate customers or OP-mobile when handling your company’s other daily banking transactions. You’ll see the up-to-date balance and interest details and can check the repayment plan. When logged into the service, you can also download documents needed for financial statements.

To use the digital services, your company will need the Corporate Agreement for Digital Transactions. You’ll also need access rights granted by your company’s system administrator to handle the company’s banking transactions.

Apply for new financing on the service or OP-mobile

When your business needs new financing for, say, investments, you can fill in a financing application on the service or OP-mobile. Also remember OP Credit Facility, which adds flexibility to cash management – you can manage the facility conveniently on the service.

Easy and secure transactions

We continuously develop our digital services to meet our customers’ needs. Security is always a key issue for us.

Financing on the service and OP-mobile

Details of the company’s loans

If your company has loans with OP, you can check a loan’s balance and interest details easily on the service for corporate customers (online bank) or OP-mobile (mobile app for banking). You can also check whether a loan is covered by corporate loan protection insurance.

Note that hire purchase financing and leasing contracts granted by OP Corporate Bank are not shown on the service or OP-mobile.

View loan details on the service

Repayment plans

Your loan repayment plan includes details of upcoming and past repayments. The plan shows, among other things, the due dates of repayments and the debit account. You can easily check all remaining future repayments or see how much of the loan has been repaid in the previous or ongoing year.

Go to repayment plan

OP Credit Facility

If your company has been granted OP Revolving Credit Facility, you can manage it in the service at lower cost than via other channels. Depending on your access rights, you can either view the company’s credit facilities or also make drawdown requests.

You’ll easily see the amount of available credit facility and the remaining drawdowns. In addition, you’ll see the details of drawn down loans, a summary of drawdown requests and pricing information, including details of the loans’ reference interest rates, margins and drawdown fees.

View credit facility

Loan balance confirmation

You’ll need a loan balance confirmation for the company’s financial statements. You can download it yourself from the service.

A balance confirmation includes the loan number, balance, paid and accrued interest, paid expenses and default interest, accrued default interest as well as an estimate of repayments and interest falling due.

If your company has several loans, the above information is also shown for the total amount borrowed.

Download balance confirmation

List of pledges

A loan’s list of pledges shows related pledges, or assets that the company has pledged to the bank as collateral for the loan. The following information is listed for a pledge: the object of pledge (for example, a housing company), owner(s) of the object, and user(s) of the object. 

Download a list of pledges

Apply for financing for your business on the service or OP-mobile

Does your company have investment plans? If your company needs new financing, you can apply for it conveniently on the service or OP-mobile.

Specify in your application what kind of undertaking the financing is needed for and how much, and the available collateral. It’s advisable to also attach to the application the attachments needed in the financing negotiations, such as the most recent official financial statements.