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A-Insurance services is a comprehensive service package for the commercial transport sector

We offer your company the best overall insurance and financing solutions. Through us, you have access to all services and benefits offered by OP Financial Group. We want to prosper together with your company. We want to prosper together with your company. Contact you

Customised solutions

OP Financial Group's values – People First, Responsibility, and Succeeding Together – show in our work as trustworthy co-operation and smooth customer service for our commercial transport customers. 

Our experts specialise in serving companies and entrepreneurs in the following sectors:

  • cargo transport and logistics
  • passenger transport
  • earth moving
  • forestry machines and other machinery.

We offer your company tailor-made solutions and the best services and benefits of OP Financial Group.

Part of the strong OP Financial Group

A-Insurance Ltd merged with Pohjola Insurance on 1 April 2020. After the merger, all commercial transport non-life insurance policies will be issued by Pohjola Insurance Ltd. We work in close cooperation with OP Financial Group cooperative banks and OP Corporate Bank in order to offer your company comprehensive banking and financing services in addition to personalised insurance solutions. In pensions and life insurance matters, our partners are Ilmarinen and OP Life Assurance Company. Asset management services offered by OP Financial Group are also available to your company. 

A long track record in supporting commercial transport

A-Insurance has specialised in drivers and commercial transport operators for decades, and knows the specific characteristics involved.

Autoilijain Vakuutus Oy (“Drivers’ Insurance Ltd”) went into business in 1932, offering statutory motor liability insurance to professional drivers. The first voluntary insurance policies for commercial transport arrived in 1935, with new alternatives added each year. Autoilijain Vakuutus Oy also financed the purchase of machinery and equipment.

Loss descriptions from the 1930s reveal the traffic safety problems in those days: constant hurry and inexperienced drivers caused by the quick increase of vehicles on the roads. Driver inexperience caused problems again in the 1960s, when the number of privately owned passenger cars increased. In the 1980s, a new term sprung up in insurance debates: risk management.

Somewhere along the way, the name was changed from Autoilijain Vakuutus Oy to Keskinäinen Vakuutusyhtiö Autoilijat (“Mutual Insurance Company Drivers”), and in the late 1980s, the marketing name was established as A-Insurance. Pohjola Group acquired A-Insurance in 2002, and the legal form was changed back to a limited liability company. In 2005, OP Financial Group bought Pohjola Group, which was when A-Insurance Ltd again became part of OP Financial Group.

The A-Insurance service package pools together our years of experience and special expertise in commercial transport insurance. Our special vehicle surveyors are experts in the specific characteristics of heavy-duty vehicles, and our commercial transport salespersons understand the risks and insurance needs of transport professionals. We want to be a partner that makes daily business easier for commercial transport operators.  

In cooperation with commercial transport unions

We work in close cooperation with commercial transport organisations to ensure that our products and services will always meet your company's needs.

We are a member of an organisation supervising the interests of commercial transport companies, so you will be served by an expert network that knows what your company's needs are. Members also get significant discounts on products and premiums.

Yrityksen ajoneuvovakuutus autoille ja ajoneuvoille.
Motor vehicle insurance for businesses
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