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Insurance for a growing business

Good planning is essential for profitable growth. Our professionals will help you to account for the risks of a growing company beforehand and to achieve your dream.

We are here for your success

Our professionals will help you achieve your dream. We are here to help you and your company achieve profitable growth.

All insurance policies easily available

We offer mandatory and voluntary insurance policies to suit your and your company’s needs. Appropriate insurance policies provide cover for growing companies.

Digital services 24/7

You can easily view your insurance cover. In the event of loss or damage, Pohjola Claim Help is at your assistance and filing a claim takes just a few moments.

Learn about the mandatory and voluntary insurance policies for a growing company

A profitably growing company ensures that its insurance cover is up to date. If the insurance policies do not reflect the growing operations, it may increase the risks involved and endanger the business if something happens. As your business grows, identifying and preparing for risks ensures that the growth will continue even through setbacks, allowing you to live a growth entrepreneur’s dream. 

Our experts will help you tailor the insurance cover to suit your company. We will assist you with identifying and preparing for risks, so that you can focus on growing your business without worrying. 

If you’re planning on growing your business, or your company is already growing, it’s a good idea to be in contact with an insurance company. It's advisable to budget for the insurance and make sure the insurance is appropriate to the scale of the business. You should also find out which insurance policies are tax-deductible.

We’ve compiled a list of the mandatory and voluntary insurance policies that are especially relevant for a growth company.

Growing companies also need mandatory insurance

Workers' compensation insurance and employment pension insurance are statutory insurance policies. Workers' compensation insurance, which provides cover for losses caused by occupational accidents or diseases, must be taken out when your company hires its first employee. 

As an entrepreneur, it’s advisable for you to ensure your own workers' compensation insurance is up to date. For example, if you suffer an occupational accident, workers' compensation insurance ensures that you will get the appropriate care and be able to recover and return to work swiftly.

A growing company must also ensure that any new employees’ statutory employee pension insurance (TyEL insurance) is taken care of.

As an entrepreneur, it’s advisable for you to check the YEL income, which determines the foundation of an entrepreneur’s social security through the YEL self-employed persons’ pension insurance. YEL insurance is mandatory for most entrepreneurs.

A growth entrepreneur should also discuss any mandatory insurance policies with an insurance expert to ensure that the insurance cover is suitable for the company’s needs.

Learn more about how our partner, Ilmarinen, serves employers.

Remember to insure new vehicles

Motor liability insurance is mandatory if the company owns any vehicles. As your company grows, ensure that all vehicles, including special vehicles, are insured.

Make sure you’re not alone in disputes

As a company grows, its responsibilities also increase.

Compensation payments may paralyse the business operations of a growing company and hinder an otherwise positive growth trend. It’s advisable for a company oriented towards profitable growth to ensure that it has comprehensive cover for liability-related risks.

Liability and legal expenses insurance helps you with any surprises and disputes. The need for general liability insurance varies depending on the business sector and company in question. Our experts will help you select the right general liability insurance for your operations and products. 

Sometimes, disputes related to agreements and work end up in court. Legal expenses insurance helps a growth entrepreneur by covering legal expenses and litigation costs.

Don’t let interruptions hinder your growth

Property damage can put a stop to an otherwise positive growth trend. It’s advisable to take out comprehensive insurance coverage for your company’s property to prepare for any potential consequences from property damage. You should also make sure that your real estate insurance is in order.

There are several ways to insure your property. Leave a contact request to get the right insurance for your company. Our experts will help you to chart your company’s property and tailor the insurance cover to suit your company.

Damage to the company’s property or premises may cause interruptions to the business operations. Interruptions can be caused by many other things, as well. Business interruption insurance tailored to the needs of your business sector and company is a good way to minimise the risks caused by interruptions.

Secure your company’s data and systems

Growing your business almost always means expanding your information systems and an increase in the amount of customer data. A growing company may become a more appealing target for cybercrime.

A denial of service attack can paralyse your business operations. Ransomware, on the other hand, can make you worry about the future in many ways. It’s advisable to ensure that your company’s information security is appropriate to your growing company’s needs. Also make sure that you have expert assistance available in the event of a cyber attack.

Get coverage for travellers and remote workers

Growing companies see an increase in the amount of business travel, so it’s advisable to keep your travel insurance up to date. As workplace models change, meetings are increasingly often organised online, and remote work in general is becoming more common. In this case, it’s advisable to ensure that your remote workers’ insurance is in order.

Hold on to your key employees as your company grows

A growing company has certain key employees, without whom the growth would not be possible. Finding a replacement for a key employee is difficult and sometimes even impossible. Hiring key employees and ensuring their engagement and wellbeing are at the heart of a growing company.

There are several methods for engaging key employees. Insurance policies offer one of the most diverse and tax-efficient engagement methods.

Comprehensive medical expenses insurance provides key employees with high-quality care and a smooth return to work. Voluntary group pension insurance engages and rewards employees. At the same time, the company can demonstrate during recruitment how it takes care of its employees. 

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Health Insurance
With medical expenses insurance, you secure high-quality treatment and an efficient clinical pathway for your personnel, and also shorten absence due to illness.
Kaksi naista tutkii pöydällä olevia materiaaleja ja keskustelee TyEListä, lakisääteisestä työeläkevakuutuksesta työntekijälle.
TyEL or statutory employment pension insurance for employees
TyEL insurance is a form of mandatory insurance for entrepreneurs.
The insurer is Pohjola Insurance. The losses will be covered in accordance with the law and the insurance terms and conditions. TyEL and YEL insurance is issued by Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company.