Mies kypärä päässä nousemassa keltaiseen työkoneeseen, joka on vakuutettu työkonevakuutuksella.

Working machine insurance

Cover your company's working machines and their accessories.

Customisable working machine insurance for your business needs

The insurance covers all working machines from small to large machinery. Choose a coverage that suits your needs.

Swift help 24/7 in case of loss

Pohjola Claim Help is at your service in case of loss or damage. You will get clear instructions and information on repair shops and other Pohjola partners near you.

A professional loss surveyor at your service

Our special vehicle inspectors are professionals in surveying heavy equipment and working machines. The smooth inspection process speeds up returning to business as usual after a loss.

The Pohjola Working Machine Insurance covers unexpected loss or damage to your machinery

Working machines are often used in demanding locations and conditions. The optional working machine insurance ensures extensive coverage, as it compensates for sudden and unforeseeable accidents and collisions.

The Working Machine Insurance covers loss or damage to your working machine or equipment, such as a forest machine rolling over, the ground below an excavator caving in, or a forklift catching fire. You can choose a suitable extent of insurance cover from the options below. You can also determine the deductible for the policy. 

  • Comprehensive working machine insurance (fire, theft, vandalism and motor vehicle own damage insurance)
  • Fire, theft and vandalism insurance
  • Fire and theft insurance or
  • Fire insurance
Statutory motor liability insurance is required for nearly all working machines. This insurance covers personal injuries and property damage to third parties in the event of loss or damage. However, it will not cover damage to your own equipment. For the best cover, expand your motor liability insurance with a comprehensive working machine insurance with suitable coverage.

Our Working Machine Insurance always includes Transportation Cover and legal expenses insurance

Transportation Cover for working machines covers damage caused to a working machine by the overturning, running off the road or collision of a motor vehicle transporting a working machine, as well as damage caused by the ground caving in during transport. The deductible in losses compensated under Transportation Cover is 25% of the amount of loss.

Legal expenses insurance covers legal expenses in civil and criminal cases related to working machines.

Expand your working machine cover

Working machine accessories include, among others, dippers, percussion hammers and concrete milling cutters. Whenever an accessory is mounted to the working machine, it is covered by your comprehensive working machine insurance under the scope of cover selected for the policy.

You can insure loose accessories with the Working machine extra or Special Corporate Insurance.

You can expand the basic cover for working machines with the following additional covers:

  • Financial insurance
  • Breakage insurance
  • Business interruption insurance

The biggest financial setback caused by damage to a working machine is often the resulting interruption of business operations. Consequential Loss Cover ensures your company's financial situation in case of damage to a working machine. It covers, for example, damage to your working machine and out-of-use days of your working machine.

For farm working machines, we also offer the option of business interruption insurance for farming in addition to the above.

Request an offer for working machine insurance

The price of the working machine insurance depends on which working machine or device it is taken out on, and its make, model, weight, value and year of manufacture. 

Leave your contact details using the link below to receive a quote for Working Machine Insurance. We’ll be in touch to help you evaluate the risks associated with your company’s line of business.

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Working Machine Extra
Cover your working machines’ accessories in case of losses.
The insurer is Pohjola Insurance. The losses will be covered in accordance with the law and the insurance terms and conditions.