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Support for sales, procurement and supply chain functions

We wish to get to know your business processes and the supply chain of your company in detail in order to create comprehensive solutions that support your business.

Our guiding principle is to offer high-quality solutions for purchases, sales and supply chain management that support your business goals and targets, risk management and working capital.

We can create versatile financing solutions that improve the efficiency of working capital in your own company, your suppliers and your customers, i.e. your entire business network. The management of working capital plays a significant role in balance sheet management and the attainment of growth and financial goals. Our services ensure that your company is ready for international operations as well.

Risk management is essential in seizing opportunities and avoiding negative events. Risks related to property, business interruptions and transport of goods can be mitigated with insurances. Risks associated with counterparties, currencies, insurances and raw materials can be mitigated with various hedging instruments and by selecting a proper payment method in international trade.

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