Conclude an agreement on OP eServices for small corporate and institutional customers

As OP’s corporate customer, you can now conveniently conclude an agreement on OP eServices for small corporate and institutional customers. We are pleased to offer the service to the corporate customers that have concluded the agreement online free of charge until the end of 2020 (incl. eServices Agreement, normally €6.00 per month + online balance statement, normally €0.80 per month). For other services, we will charge according to the valid list of service charges and fees.

Once you have concluded the agreement, you can do your company’s banking on the service and OP Business mobile.

This is how your company can start using OP eServices 

  • Fill in your company’s application at
    The application can only be filled in by the representative with the right to sign for your company. If your company also needs a co-signatory under the articles of association, add it to the application.
  • The applicant will be the agreement administrator
    As the administrator, you get account and payment rights to the OP debit account specified in the application and viewing rights to the company’s loans.
  • We will process your company’s application as soon as possible
    After receiving your application, we will contact you if we need additional information. As part of our application processing, we will check the credit history of the future administrator.
  • Sign the agreement electronically online
    Once the application has been approved, the company representatives can sign the agreement in our Electronic Signature Service. You can use the user identifiers of OP or other banks to identify yourself in the service.
  • You need personal user identifiers for OP eServices for your company’s daily transactions
    At, you can do your company’s banking transactions by using your personal Corporate eServices user identifiers or your personal OP user identifiers for private customers.