Invoice your customers via our corporate mobile services

Handle your company's invoicing easily, wherever and whenever you like.

Use our corporate mobile app to manage all aspects of your company’s invoicing

You can send e-invoices, view an invoicing summary, send reminders and credit notes to customers, or handily send them invoices by email. You can also set up recurring payments for your invoices and deliver a separate delivery note for all invoices sent.

Invoice whenever you prefer

Easy invoicing, no matter where you are, means faster payment from customers.

Access corporate mobile services via the same user ID as for

You won’t need a separate user ID. You can access corporate mobile services with the same user ID as for You’ll see the same customer and product register data, but have a wider range of invoicing features than with the service.

Use a debt collection service when you need a firmer approach

Sales receivable collection is part of good cash management.

When invoicing via our mobile app for companies, you can use Intrum’s debt collection service for a reasonable price. If, despite reminders, a customer doesn’t pay, you can transfer the invoice for debt collection with a few clicks. Intrum will handle all debt collection measures for you.

You can start using the debt collection service via our mobile app for companies.

Invoicing is easy and secure with our corporate mobile services

Use of the app is secure – you can use a fingerprint or facial recognition to log in. Our mobile app for companies won’t save data subject to bank secrecy on your mobile device: all data is transferred to OP’s systems with strong encryption.

If you’ve never used our corporate mobile app, you can test them in demo mode (no user ID needed).

Download the app and use our corporate mobile app to manage your invoicing!