OP Capital Assets Service

For managing the life cycle of moveable capital assets

For companies and institutions of all sizes, OP Capital Assets Service offers an advanced way of acquiring and managing ICT equipment and other moveable capital assets, such as production, logistics and warehousing equipment, office furniture and shop fittings.

The service supports the systematic replacement of such equipment in your company and promotes the achievement of your CSR objectives by recycling ICT equipment at the expiry of the contract term.

You can make use of the service’s electronic capital asset register in reporting. The register also enables you to allocate and monitor your capital assets' total costs of ownership during their use.

OP Capital Assets Service is provided in cooperation with 3 Step IT Oy.
Our solutions enable you to streamline the acquisition, management and replacement process of your capital assets, reap cost savings and get rid of extra work involved in the purchasing process. You can ensure that your company has up-to-date and high-performance tools.
Jani Lindholm‚ Finance Manager, OP

Enhanced and unified acquisition process:

  • Reportable information is centralised, up-to-date and correct
  • The value of ICT equipment in secondary markets enables competitive lease rates.
  • Capital allocated to business, not to ageing equipment
  • Optional equipment insurance is part of the service.

Our management solutions enhance your company's financial management:

  • You can allocate costs and invoicing by product line, project and cost centre
  • You will have financial and technical information for use by various functions at your company
  • You will minimise manual work and errors

Easy replacement of equipment according to its predetermined useful life

  • Your ICT equipment to be disposed of will be given an efficient and secure data destruction service and disposal, recycling and reuse services
  • Resale of serviceable equipment and eco-friendly material recycling will support the achievement of your CSR objectives
  • ISO 14001 environmental management certification