Kuljetusalan yrittäjä iloisesena ja hymyillen työssään, tietäen että kuljetusvakuutus on kunnossa.

Cargo Insurance for companies

Covers damage to cargo during transit.

Cargo Insurance tailored to your company’s individual transport risks

You can select annual insurance for all transports in Finland and abroad or single insurance for individual transports. You can select the scope of cover, from basic cover with extensions – to full cover with war and strike cover.

Top specialists ready to help in the event of loss or damage

We start investigating loss or damage during transports as soon as the claim is submitted. Our international network of loss surveyors is ready to help you all over the world. You can concentrate on your core business while we take care of the claim on your behalf.

Our network partners around the world

Enables your company to insure its international shipments worldwide through our network of specialists. Our partner is AXA XL, which can handle local insurance solutions if required.

Insurance Certificates online 24/7

As our customer, you will be able to access the online Cargocert service enabling you to prepare and print Insurance Policy and Certificate documents free of charge.

There is always risk of loss or damage to the cargo during transport

Pohjola Cargo Insurance covers losses caused to cargo during transport, including loading or unloading. The means of transport may be involved in an accident, or the cargo may be damaged or stolen. Fire, natural disaster and temperature are also common causes of loss. The insurance also covers short-term and temporary storage related to the transport.

For example, if goods intended for sale are damaged or lost during transport, the financial loss can be considerable. The carrier is liable of the cargo during transport from the moment it takes receipt of the items until the items are delivered, but its liability is limited in accordance with laws, contracts and regulations.

For this reason, it is possible that the carrier is not liable of the loss or damage or is only liable for part of the goods value. By insuring your transports with Pohjola Cargo Insurance, you can secure your business transport risks.

Goods in transit may be carried or handled by several parties during transit. Cargo Insurance is property insurance for goods covering the entire supply chain. Our specialists will settle the claim and if necessary arrange the loss survey on your behalf.

Insured transports

Insured transports are e.g.:

  • Export and import transports
  • Transports related to sales and purchases in Finland
  • Transports between business locations
  • Subcontracted transports and maintenance, guarantee, return, repair, removal or exhibition transports

Cargo insurance can be insured by the seller or the buyer according to the sales agreement, terms of delivery or other contract in which the Insured bears the risks of loss of or damage to the goods and transports or the insured has an obligation to insure for the benefit of the other party.

Incoterms 2020 terms of delivery specify when the risk is transferred from the seller to the buyer as well as which party is obliged to take out insurance.

Read more about Incoterms terms of delivery

Is your company in the transport business?

We offer commercial transport insurance to protect you against liability in domestic and international transports.

Worldwide settling agent network

International trade is increasingly global. Cargo Insurance enables you to insure your international transports.

Pohjola Insurance has a worldwide network of experienced and professional loss surveyors. If loss or damage occur, we will settle the claim and pay compensation according to the insurance terms and conditions. If necessary, we will also claim indemnity from the party that caused the loss, such as the freight carrier.

War and strikes cover 

Cover against war and strikes can be added to basic or full cover by specific agreement. War cover is only valid in sea, air and mail transport.

War and strike insurance is not valid in high war risk areas unless otherwise agreed with the insurance company in advance.

The validity of insurance cover in these areas must be agreed individually for each shipment with the insurance company, and the insurance company must be contacted at least three days before the beginning of shipment. If the insurance is granted to a high war risk area, the insurance company may charge an additional premium according to the assessed level of risk.

High war risk areas refer to areas whose risk level for war or strikes is rated 3.2 or higher by the JCC Cargo Watchlist compiled by the Joint Cargo Committee. The list is published on IHS Markit’s website and is updated monthly.

The updated list of risk levels is located at JCC Cargo Watchlist.

Factors affecting the premium

Cargo insurance premiums are affected by:

  • The total value of transports
  • The line of business of the company
  • The scope of insurance cover
  • The deductible
  • The geographical scope of validity

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Nainen selaa kannettavalla tietokoneellaan tietoja tilanteista, joissa vastuuvakuutus on hyödyksi.
Liability insurance
Business liability insurance covers your company in case of indemnification liabilities.

Terms and Conditions KU 05 are applied to Cargo Insurance, and these can be expanded with Special Terms and Conditions KU 06. In international transport, Terms and Conditions KU 07 and KU 08 are applied.

International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has published Incoterms rules which specify the responsibilities of the parties to a contract of sale related to the delivery of goods, the distribution of costs and the transfer of risk from the seller to the buyer.

The insurer is Pohjola Insurance. The losses will be covered in accordance with the law and the insurance terms and conditions.