Yrityksen tiekuljetusvakuutus rahdinkuljettajalle.

Road transport liability insurance

Cover against freighter’s liability in Finland and internationally.

Essential insurance for freighters

Your company may be held liable for damage if goods in your possession are damaged or lost, or their delivery is delayed.

Extended coverage with no additional cost

The insurance also covers the costs of destroying damaged goods and temperature-related losses, for example.

Professionals at your assistance

After we have determined the appropriate level of transportation cover for your company, you are free to focus on your business even in the event of a loss.

For whom is road transport liability insurance intended?

Your company requires road transport liability insurance if you transport goods for a client for a fee or convey cargo. It is intended especially for carriers, transport companies and haulers engaged in freight transport.

Road transport liability insurance, or transport liability insurance, provides cover in the event of goods disappearing or becoming lost or damaged during road transport, as well as in cases of delayed delivery. The freighter’s liability for damages is based on the Road Transport Agreement Act respective to domestic transport and the CMR Convention in international transport.

The liabilities of companies engaged in cargo transport are limited by laws and contracts. Despite this, as a freight transporter, you may be liable for damage during transport even if you did not cause the loss.

For this reason, transport brokers without their own transport equipment, forwarding agencies and lorry companies require road transport liability insurance for protection.

What does road transport liability insurance cover?

Road transport liability insurance covers

  • damage to goods during road transport,
  • loss prevention and mitigation costs,
  • damage caused by temperature, and
  • costs of destroying damaged goods.

Your business could suffer significant financial setbacks if found liable to compensate damages during transport and made responsible for investigating various liability and indemnity issues.

In the event of a loss, we will determine your company’s liability for the loss on your behalf and negotiate with the claimant. We will appear in court and pay the legal expenses if the claim for damages leads to legal proceedings.

What factors affect the price of road transport liability insurance?

The price of road transport liability insurance depends on, for example

  • vehicle type,
  • area of transport operations,
  • main types of transported goods, and
  • net sales per area of transport operations.

How do I take out transport liability insurance for my company?

Leave your contact information using the button below to receive a quote for road transport liability insurance. Our experts at Pohjola Insurance have extensive understanding of the sector and can provide more information on the content and price of transport liability insurance.

After receiving your request for a quote, we will get in touch with you to determine the best insurance solutions for your company! Once we have found out the appropriate level of Transportation Cover, your company can focus on carrying on with your transport business even if losses occur.

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