Kuorma-auton kuljettajat keskustelevat iloisesti kuorma-auton luona tietäen, että heidän kuorma-autovakuutukset ovat kunnossa.

Lorry insurance

We will provide you with comprehensive cover for your company’s lorries, and our expert assistance in the event of loss or damage.

Professional loss surveyors at your service

Our special vehicle inspectors around the country are professionals in surveying heavy equipment and working machines. The smooth inspection process speeds up returning to business as usual after a loss.


Swift help for loss events 24/7 and an extensive partner network

As our customer, you have access to Pohjola Claim Help, which contains instructions on what to do in the event of loss or damage, as well as information on the coverage provided by insurance policies. Claim Help also contains the contact details of our partners, who will help you in the event of loss or damage.


Your own contact person at your service

As our customer, you will have your own contact person specialising in the risks associated with commercial transport.

Statutory and voluntary insurance policies for a lorry

Lorry insurance consists of motor liability insurance and, if you so choose, also comprehensive motor vehicle insurance. Statutory motor liability insurance covers all personal injuries sustained by those involved in an accident and damage to the innocent party. Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance, on the other hand, covers damage to your lorry, such as collisions and glass cracks caused by a stone chip.

  Maxi Motor Insurance Medium Motor Insurance
Motor liability Kyllä Kyllä
Theft insurance Kyllä Kyllä
Fire insurance Kyllä Kyllä
Animal insurance Kyllä Kyllä
Vandalism insurance Kyllä Kyllä
Legal expenses insurance Kyllä Kyllä
Motor vehicle (own) damage insurance Kyllä Ei

You can include these supplementary insurance covers in the comprehensive motor vehicle insurance of your choice for an additional premium:

  Maxi Motor Insurance Medium Motor Insurance
Tow insurance Kyllä Kyllä
Windscreen insurance Kyllä Kyllä
Business interruption insurance Kyllä Ei
Financial insurance Kyllä Ei
International third-party motor liability insurance Kyllä Kyllä
Maxi Motor Insurance for non-company trailers Kyllä Kyllä

Financial insurance

Financial insurance covers losses incurred by the dealership, finance company or holder of a pledge or motor vehicle mortgage entered as the vehicle’s owner due to damage to the vehicle, provided that the loss is not covered by basic insurance. The deductible is based on the insurance which the loss concerns.

Lorry windscreen insurance

Windscreen insurance covers damage caused by an object striking your vehicle’s windscreen or windows.

Tow insurance for a lorry

Tow insurance covers expenses such as towing or pulling the vehicle back onto the road arising from the interruption of your journey following a fault or damage of your trailer truck insured under this insurance policy.

Interruption insurance for a lorry

Consequential loss cover covers lost days of vehicle use as a result of damage to your own motor vehicle, collision with an animal, vandalism, windscreen damage, fire or theft up to a maximum of 40 days. 
The daily compensation is 90–360 euros, depending on the type of vehicle, and the deductible is one day.

International third-party motor liability insurance for a company vehicle

The international third-party motor liability insurance covers damage caused to third parties outside the vehicle when your vehicle is the cause of an accident while the vehicle is in traffic use in Green Card countries outside the EEA.

Property in the vehicle is not included in the insurance coverage.

Maxi Motor Insurance for non-company trailers 

Maxi Motor Insurance for non-company trailers covers damage to a non-company trailer attached to your lorry for which you would be liable for damages in the event of an accident under current legislation.

Lorry insurance provides cover in accidents

You can prepare against losses related to your company’s lorry with comprehensive motor vehicle insurance, which compensates losses to vehicles caused by the driver, when the cause is unclear, or caused by reasons such as natural forces. You can choose a comprehensive motor vehicle insurance coverage that suits your needs.

  • Extensive Motor Insurance is mainly valid in Europe and Green Card countries.  
  • In addition to the vehicle, Extensive Motor Insurance coverage extends to the vehicle’s accessories and extras fitted to the vehicle. 
  • Extensive Motor Insurance also covers losses to the vehicle when the cause of the loss is unclear, or the loss is caused by natural forces.

Request an offer for lorry insurance

The price of lorry insurance is affected by many factors such as the company’s risk category, line of business, company form, and the vehicle’s properties. Request an offer, and we will help you create a package suitable for your company’s needs and give you a price for your insurance. Requesting an offer will not obligate you to make a purchase in any way.

Yrityksen ajoneuvovakuutus autoille ja ajoneuvoille.
Motor vehicle insurance for businesses
Insurance for all your company cars and other vehicles
Kuljetusalan yrittäjä iloisesena ja hymyillen työssään, tietäen että kuljetusvakuutus on kunnossa.
Cargo Insurance for companies
Covers damage to cargo during transit.
Mies ajamassa kuorma-autoa huolettomasti, tietäen että hinausvakuutus turvaa vahingon sattuessa.
Tow insurance
Supplementary insurance policy for trucks and buses.
The insurer is Pohjola Insurance. The losses will be covered in accordance with the law and the insurance terms and conditions.