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Payroll declaration for occupational accident and occupational disease insurance

We receive salary data for workers’ compensation insurance from the national Incomes Register. Employers must report salary data in the Incomes Register. You only need to file a payroll declaration to us at op.fi when declaring salaries for special groups.

With the adoption of the national Incomes Register, the traditional payroll declaration procedure will be phased out, as insurance companies will be able to obtain salary data directly from the Incomes Register.

Where do I make a payroll declaration for special groups, and what information should I report?

You can make a payroll declaration for special groups by logging into op.fi. You can find the payroll declaration service on the Insurance and claims page.

If you need to use a paper form, you can request one by email from palkkailmoitukset@pohjola.fi.

Report this information for special groups

  • With respect to students at the upper level of comprehensive school, in vocational schools and upper secondary schools as well as universities and universities of applied sciences, the number of students in the insurance period is declared.

  • With respect to participants in labour market training, the number of students and the average number of course days for one person per year is declared.

  • With respect to informal carers, the average number of persons is declared.

  • With respect to participants in rehabilitative work activities or work activities for the disabled, persons in institutional care and prisoners, the number of people of each group of persons must be reported separately. In addition, report the average number of annual working days of one person. If the work is based on an employment relationship, salaries must be reported to the Incomes Register.

Where can I find information on adjustment calculations?

After we have received the salary data and made the adjustment calculation, we will send debit notes to you by mail or as e-invoices, depending on your chosen billing method. 

After the payroll declaration has been processed, you can also find the adjustment calculation documents in the op.fi service, under occupational accident and occupational disease insurance documents.

How can I edit a policy’s details after the adjustment calculation?

If you detect errors in the information you have reported to the Incomes Register or have edited salary data after the adjustment calculation, make the changes directly in the Incomes Register. Notify us about the corrections to by messaging us on the OP website and we will retrieve the corrected data from the Incomes Register.

With respect to insurance policies that have begun during 2018, you may report corrected data either at op.fi or by requesting a paper form by email at palkkailmoitukset@pohjola.fi